And then there were four…

Things had fallen into a routine with he and she. They worked as a team raising baby, while simultaneously carrying on with full-time jobs. She had stopped breastfeeding baby when he was around five months, since her supply had slowly but surely evaporated into oblivion. The explanation she had in her mind was that she had just started working out and had possibly not been hydrating enough.

After finally giving up on breastfeeding at the end of September, she switched to a full version of the pill (previously having taken the mini pill). At the end of the first pack, she fully expected to restart her monthly cycle. It didn’t happen. By the beginning of November, when she was supposed to start a second pack of pills, she brought to his attention that she skipped yet another period. “I am confused because I have been on the pill since we had the negative test a month ago. I’ve taken it the same time everyday and haven’t missed one, so I have no idea what’s going on.”

“Well, let’s get another test, sweetie.”

On November 2nd, they brought home the second test since baby had been born. She slowly went through the motions of taking yet another test without hesitation. She figured, yet again, that there was another explanation and that she would again see a negative result.

Just as she had reacted a little over a year prior, she burst into tears and started hyperventilating. “Oh. My. God! Babe, it’s positive!” She shrieked, as tears rushed down her cheeks.

“No way.” He said in disbelief, but he didn’t react at all how he did before. A smile crept across his face as he grabbed her in a hug as she cried into his chest.

“I can’t do this again. I just can’t.” She cried, in a state of panic and guilt that she would be robbing baby of this important time in his life.

“Yes, you can. It is going to be okay, sweetie. I am excited. They are going to be so close, and I love being a parent.” This put her mind at ease, but remembering labor, breastfeeding, and sleepless nights, had her still a bit worried.

At this point in time, they had no idea how far along she could be. They were forced to wait three weeks before an ultrasound, but the day finally did come on November 20th. The technician, remained silent for an uncomfortable amount of time. “There is only one in there right?” She asked the woman.

The tech did a small laugh, “Yes. So, it looks like you are about 8 weeks and 3 days along, which puts the due date at approximately June 28, 2016.” She smiled and looked at him as he sat holding baby who was wiggling all over the place. Capture

A couple weeks later, they went to see the doctor that had delivered baby for their first appointment. The woman expressed how shocked she was that baby had been so big. “I was thinking that at the 6 week point post-baby, we do the IUD this time. This is definitely going to be the last one.” She found there was discrepancies with the mini pill, even when breastfeeding it turned out, which is how this had probably happened.

He and she were shocked by the news of baby #2, but had settled into the idea and begun getting excited. They had finally found a better house down the street from their apartment that they would be able to move into on January 27th. The timing was perfect, since their small two bedroom apartment was already too small for the three of them. Now, they look forward to a future of four, and much more space to grow.


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