How He & She Met

It was 2010. He and she were 18 years old, starting fresh at college. She had been sheltered most of her life, meaning that college was unlike anything she could have imagined. He grew up with no rules, seeing college as another experience.

He wanted to be a dentist. She had no clue what she wanted.

She remembers the beginning as a quick glance into her neighbors room, seeing him for the first time playing with a soccer ball. He was unlike any guy she had ever seen but she figured she would never see him again. Obviously, she was wrong. He to this day doesn’t believe this statement.

He had come down to the fourth floor to see his friends from back home. He was two floors above them but still in the same building.

On her third day, she sat in her half empty room since her roommate backed out and left before she had even arrived. All the doors down the hallway had been left open so that people on the floor could mingle. She had been an introvert her whole life but decided today was the day to step out of her comfort zone and just open the damn door.

After an hour went by with no visitors, she was about to give up hope. She did, unfortunately, happen to be at the end of the hallway where no one ventured too often. Facebook, at this point, was her entertainment and only connection to anyone she knew.

He was again on the fourth floor visiting his friends from high school. He and his roommate, also a buddy from back home, visited each day since they moved in. They were submerged in idle conversation until he realized his roommate was suddenly missing. Β He went to look for him, soon finding him halfway through the doorway across the hall. Curious, he stuck his head in as well.

There he was. The guy she’d seen the other day just standing in her doorway. Her heart started pounding in her chest as they all began to converse.

Hours and a stop at Coldstone Creamery went by as they felt the connection instantly. When the night came to a close, he offered to walk her to her room. Just before he left, he kissed her. She was consumed by it, as was he. Not wanting to rush anything, he left her there after that. She would later come to respect his decision based on the longevity of their relationship, along with its strength.

They spent every second they could together deciding, at first, not to date, and dragging each other through a messy start. Finally, four months in…It all began with a poem and four roses. Though there were rough patches from there and a two month breakup, they have never been stronger or closer.

14 thoughts on “How He & She Met

  1. Sounds a lot like my ex and I…we are still tap dancing around, but we are FINALLY starting to get it.

    That is incredible though πŸ™‚

  2. H! what a beautiful connection of Love. Memories–Our He & She–blind date–she & he together for 6 hours over two days–and she said to he–yes I will marry you. 59 years

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