Harvest Fest and Hands Foot Mouth

She had spent the last month or so planning a fundraising event for the school. It was the annual Harvest Fest, but she threw in a giving dartboard prize wall and a donation booth to the tradition to get more donations for the school’s annual fund. She still worked their part-time while also working her full-time job. For this event in particular, she went store to store gathering local community sponsors to donate items for the event along with designing and organizing the marketing campaign.

Her mom came to town to help watch baby the night before the fest. He was on his final few days at the job he hated, getting home right before her mom arrived at 6pm. Standing in the warm kitchen, she baked several Million $ cookies to donate to the event. He and she popped open a bottle of wine and shared a kiss. When her mom arrived, they ordered a pizza for dinner. Baby preoccupied her mom entirely as she kissed him and made up for lost time. It was hard to visit due to the 3 1/2 hour drive separating them.

“I am not going to work tomorrow. I decided today was my last day.” He announced over dinner. She practically clobbered him in a hug, excited that he’d be attending the event she worked so hard to put together.

The next morning she awoke early, putting together a slideshow for the lobby at the school. Her mom brought them coffee and croissants for breakfast. Coming from the wrong hotel, her mom explained that her husband had booked the wrong location and now instead of a five minute drive, she was stuck with a 20 minute journey to get to their apartment. Once her mom held baby, all of the hotel stress melted away.

At the school, she frantically put things together as he went across the street to pickup the tables needed for the event. She couldn’t have set everything up in time had it not been for him being there helping and lifting heavy items. The prize dartboard wall went up starting at $50 a dart that could win someone a prize ranging from $50-$500. The pricing later changed to $50 for 3 tries due to the dartboard’s difficulty.

Finally, the event began without a hitch. Baby slept in her mother’s arms for the majority of the event, which she found odd, but dismissed it. Towards the end, many people decided to give the dartboard a try after they had brought their kids around the event full of fall-themed games, face painting, apple cider slushies, and her cookies. By the end of the event, they were able to reach their goal of $3000 for the small private prek-6th grade school (her mom having contributed about $300 of it on the dartboard and donation booth). Baby acquired some new books as one of the prizes her mom won.

To celebrate the success of the event, he, she, baby, and her mom went out for a sushi dinner. All they had eaten all day was croissants and cookies, which though delicious, did not count as real food. Baby was still acting sleepy and felt warm, so to be safe, she took his temperature. He was 100°F. Immediately, she gave him a dose of Tylenol, hoping whatever this was would pass. Baby had been sick on and off ever since he started daycare at the beginning of September.

Once they ate, they stopped at the grocery store for more wine and for a bowl to feed baby from. The next day they were going to try feeding him rice cereal. At 5 months old, he was more than ready to start on solids.

They watched some Netflix once they got home and decided to call it a night. Her mom had received a call from a friend she had been feuding with. The friend was upset with her mom for having a close relationship with the woman’s adult twin daughters that her mom had known since they were born. Now both grown and with kids, her mom enjoyed their company. The conversation had gone on a while, but once her mom emerged from her car, she discussed the topic briefly and moved on. “I just am done with all of her negative energy. I don’t want that in my life.”

They were all in bed by 10pm. Baby was still warm, but slept soundly after a final dose of Tylenol. Her mother returned the next morning with more coffee. He slept in while she and her mother caught up. Baby still seemed a bit off and had grown a few sores around his mouth. “Mom do you know what this is?” She asked.

“No, they look like zits. They will go away.” Her mom assured, but they didn’t. They next day (Monday) they were worse. He still had fevers on and off, so she called off work and went to the doctor. It was hands, foot, mouth. A lovely virus kids can get at daycare where they get sores in and outside of their mouth, on their hands, and on their feet as well. To top it off, there is no immediate cure, it will go away on its own in a week or so. She gave him Tylenol for pain, but that was all he or she could do for baby.

He and she talked about the doctor visit, and gave baby extra love to get him through another milestone of fighting yet another illness that he contracted from daycare. They learned that with having a baby, the only way to handle things of this nature is to relax and work together. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare.


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