He, She, & Baby Are Back!

Ever since the birth of their son, major life events began to fall into place. She was finally able to snag a full-time job. He was able to quit the mundane customer service position he held to support the family, for a more suitable position as an AutoCAD designer at a company he actually believed in.

Baby was already almost 5 months old, not yet crawling, but definitely on his way there. Once she had started her new job working as an administrative assistant for a company that offered fundraising and enrollment services for colleges and universities, Baby had to start daycare. Luckily for her, daycare was less than a minute down the street. Each day, she would head over there during her lunch break to give him kisses.

The reason he and she went on several month hiatus with no stories to be told, was due to their severely conflicting schedules. He worked Wednesday-Friday from 2pm-7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 7am-7pm, with a 40 minute commute, having his weekend be Monday and Tuesday. She, however, worked a normal work week. Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday from 8am-3pm. There weren’t many stories to be told when they hardly had any time together.

Come October 5th, he would begin his new job working a normal schedule like she did, which means more stories to be told and memories to be had. They would be able to spend time together as a family, after months of painful separation.

With the new jobs came higher income. He was able to trade his beat up truck for a nice FJ Cruiser, “Bumblebee,” as she called it. The most exciting purchase they were about to make was their first home. She would have a longer commute, but the place would be theirs. Built in 1928, the home had much character and luscious lawn. He and she already had plans on how to restore and renovate.

Though they wouldn’t move in until November 1st, 2015, the excitement to truly have their own place to raise their son and be a family grew by the day.

Thus begins the next chapter in the lives of he, she, and baby!


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