Setting Up The Nursery

April 28th was growing closer, though the spare bedroom in their apartment was nowhere near ready for baby. His art stuff cluttered the floors and the walls. They had stored basically everything in the closet, until one weekend she’d had enough. Her mother and her mother-in-law had been giving them items from their baby list as well as clothes and diapers. At this point, the room had a full corner space dedicated to all the baby stuff they’d acquired over the course of 7 months. They knew it was time to begin the long journey through the mountain of things they set aside and make way for the baby.

She began going through the bags of stuff given to them and taking inventory on the items and their sizes. After, she cleared out the closet of junk, throwing it all into the living room. He sat at the kitchenIMG_2767 counter working on his art homework as the nesting phase began. Her back in agony, she still pushed on, cleaning and hanging up clothes. They had ordered an 8-cube organizer to set his plants on, which looked great in the room and would match the crib they had chosen perfectly.

IMG_2766She was able to organize the closet, only then truly realizing just how much stuff they already had for baby. The shower wouldn’t be for another month! This wasn’t enough for him. It still wasn’t real, though he had felt the kicks and seen her belly grow, the connection that there would soon be a baby to follow hadn’t quite set in.

That was until they began setting up the crib in the nursery (there was still a little bit of clutter in there, and the carpet needed a good steam cleaning). They opened the box together, reading closely the given directions that turned out to be far more difficult than they should have been. At first, it was fun and silly. Parts were easily misplaced or looked over, though they laughed it off and cracked jokes. Two hours in, frustration took hold. The tiny details were failing them when it came down to screws that were only slightly different from each other. IMG_2794Once that was sorted out, it went smoothly from there. “We are really going to have a baby…” He’d said to her. “I am so excited to meet him, hold him, and love him.” She smiled in agreement, as they stood admiring their work.

The next two months were going to go by so fast, and although the thought terrified them standing in the nursery looking into the place their son would lay to sleep each night, they both took a deep breath, ready for what was to come.


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