The Talk

With the impending arrival of their new baby, he and she decided this would be the last Christmas they spent with their own families. The baby would be reason to split up whose family they should see on the day of versus a random day. When he and she moved they would be close to her parents and 5 hours away from his, so they were already set to go stay with his family the first year. All the talk of domestication in their relationship brought on the talk of marriage. When they should do it, if they should do it, how much they would be willing to spend, who they would invite, and the list went on.

“I want something small. The less guests the less drama their could be. How much would you want to spend on a wedding total?” She asked him the week before Christmas, looking at elopement packages on her phone.

“I don’t know. Let’s say we save like $5000 and do a simple elopement package with like 10-15 guests.” He suggested. She liked the idea, though knowing that it would take them over a year to save that kind of money once she started working again after the baby. The money she was setting aside now was for her maternity leave.

Once separated by state borders, he and she began a string of texts revising the idea of marriage. “I would marry you now if I could.” He’d said. Saying so after expressing how much he missed her when they were apart.

“Then why don’t you?” She asked, thinking back on a conversation she’s had with her mother earlier that day about saving the $5000 for a house rather than one day. Why not elope? She began looking at state laws and how long it would take them to get a marriage license as well as how much it would cost. Three days and $35. Then an officiant would be near $100.

As they danced with the idea of eloping over the New Year, he spoke with his mother. He began texting ideas of taking his mother’s car to Vegas or going to Mall of America, though the thought of all the driving sounded exhausting at 6 months pregnant. Another stipulation was that his mother would be there, which incited the issue that there would be another set of jealous parents who weren’t invited to attend, creating a looming air of drama that they were trying to avoid.

“I want it to just be about us, sweetie. I don’t want to have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings or feeling awkward or uncomfortable. I want to marry you and be with you forever. That’s all I want the day to be about.” She explained.

“Then that’s what we should do.”

“Are you sure you want to marry me?”

“1000% Yes. Do You?”

“Of course I do. We’ll talk more about it when you get back on Sunday.” That was were they left it before falling fast asleep that night, five hours apart, with nothing but the future in front of them.


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