Surprise Cousin for Baby

He and she had spent a Thanksgiving at their own parent’s homes, knowing it would probably be the last time they would be apart at the holidays. He had agreed to come to her father’s family party the weekend after to formally meet her relatives on that side of the family. Something they hadn’t expected to hear was a story from her 19 year old younger brother, J. “I have a secret that I haven’t really told anyone. I was freaking out like the past 9 months because I thought this girl I was with was pregnant. She had the baby though and said it’s not mine.”

J hadn’t really decided on a life path yet, living in a one bedroom apartment, working at their stepdad’s company, and constantly hanging out with his friends seemed to be what he had settled on for now. The year prior J had lived with their dad until several fights ultimately led to J getting kicked out. This event ignited what ended in the result of a baby scare. There had been a party, a girl, and spotty judgement without protection back in early February, and on October 28th there was a baby boy.

He and she had thought the story was strange, but dismissed it after J had said there was a paternity test. It was only until a couple weeks later that her mother asked if she had any knowledge of a possible baby. J had called their mom to come clean, stating that the girl had a paternity test done and that it wasn’t J’s baby. He, she, and her mother found this hard to believe, since J had never given a DNA sample. She and J’s mom decided to go through an advocate to find out whether or not the statement this girl made was true, ordering a paternity test herself.

The girl had claimed she didn’t want any child support or even J’s assistance or presence in the baby’s life. When the test results came back, there was a 99.9% positive confirmation that the baby was in fact J’s. J wanted little to do with the situation, unsure of where his life was headed and fearful of his world being turned upside down. Their mother on the other hand wanted to see the baby and welcome him into their lives with open arms. It was, after all, her first grandchild.

He and she felt somewhat conflicted on the situation as well. This baby was ultimately their baby’s cousin, but there was the lingering air of uncertainty as to how it would all work out. She and J would most likely meet this baby over Christmas break and go from there.

The whole experience made he and she feel fortunate that they had at least been in a long-term relationship as well as living together upon finding out they were pregnant. She couldn’t imagine going through the pregnancy, birth, and raising of their son without him.


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