The Great Reveal!

He and she had been anticipating the reveal of their baby’s gender, not caring which it was, but just to have the answer. During the Thanksgiving holiday they had been bombarded with the question, “Have you found out yet?” It was a constant reminder of just how badly they  wanted to know.

December 12th was growing close as they prepped a few reveal ideas. The weekend before they had done two videos using balloons to reveal the gender that she uploaded to YouTube privately, so that she could make public the correct video when the time came. She also, in her excitement, wanted to make gender reveal cookies to bring to work after the ultrasound. The issue with that was the fact that she would need to make both gender versions of the cookies as well, since she would be going to work almost immediately after they found out. He thought a simple text would have sufficed, but the chance to let her creativity out from hiding was one she wouldn’t miss.

The night before the big day, he went to work. She followed behind him going to the Wal-Mart  that was down the street to get ingredients to make the cookies. She cut every corner she could, knowing just how long the process would take. While making the cookies, she found out just how hard it was to stay standing at 20 weeks pregnant. She wanted each cookie individually wrapped with a little note and bow tie placed artistically on each.

By the time he got home at ten, she had only begun the final process of bagging and tying all 70 cookies. They were sugar cookies that had a small circle of either pink or blue placed in the center. She had covered them in white frosting to hide the hidden color beneath and separated them in the fridge to make sure they didn’t get mixed up. He knew her back was aching and that she still had a long way to go. “What would you like me to do sweetie?” he asked grabbing some of the clear plastic bags and mimicking how she carefully placed the cookies in them.

FullSizeRenderThank you so much! This would have taken me all night!” They divvied up the tasks of placing the cookie, tying the cookie, curling the ribbon, and attaching the note. It took them an hour to complete the venture, but they were both excited by the turnout.

Both battling bad colds, he and she didn’t sleep as well as they had wanted the night before the great reveal. She was instructed to pee when she awoke, chug 16oz of water, and then hold it all the way through the ultrasound, which is harder than it seems when you are constantly making trips to the bathroom as it is.

The hospital was easy to get through, as they sat and filled out paper work. The doctor that would do the delivery had a small house where she conducted the monthly visits, but sent them to the main hospital she worked through for ultrasounds and the actual birth. They were constantly blowing their noses, waiting to be called into the room. When they finally got there, the excitement was just about ready to spew out all over, though it was hard to stay conscious in the dim light of the room.

The first technician put the warm gel on her belly as he and she looked up at the flat screen to see the baby they hadn’t laid eyes on in months. Baby was much bigger now, with more identifiable features. The measurements took a long time to be completed. “Would you like to know the gender today?”

“Yes!” He and she answered in unison. The woman smiled. It was around the 45 minute mark that the tech began the search. Baby was moving around like crazy, making the woman’s job a tad harder, then finally…

“Do you see that right there?” The tech said honing her mouse over a small part on the screen. “That is a penis. It looks like it is a boy, but I will have another technician confirm.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.08.44 PMA little boy.” He whispered smiling big as he firmly grasped her hand and kissed it. The woman left the room and they shared a kiss, excited about their baby boy. The other technician kept calling him a little stinker, because every time she would try to capture a 3D picture of him, he would wiggle, kick, and roll. He and she were able to leave the appointment with 13 new pictures of their son.

She immediately sent out the video link to everyone in her phone as they drove across the street to their doctor’s for a quick check-up. On their way home, they fantasized about their son sharing another kiss as they began a very exciting day of sharing the news with the world!


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