Hit and Run

He and she spent Monday’s and Friday’s sitting at his work from 5-10pm. On this particular Friday, he decided to drive them home in her car. They took the short-cut they usually did when driving home, going the usual 45 mph. A white car slowed in front of them, going around 35mph, a whole 10 mph lower than the marked speed limit. He took it upon himself to turn on his signal and pass them. When he got in front of them, he increased his speed back up to 45, gaining more distance between them. The night was suddenly ablaze with the other car’s blinding headlights.

He did respond well to being flashed by someone that had clearly neglected to look at the post marked speed limit sign. He tapped the breaks, slowing until the car caught up to them. As soon, as the other vehicle realized the slow in traffic, they increased speed and attempted to whip around he and she in an angered manner. He sped up back to 45, until the other car fell back.

They reached a large intersection as he and she got in the middle lane to go straight. The white car veered quickly into the right lane. She could see there were four young, high school aged boys filling the car. Just as she made the observation, a loud THUD startled them. Someone from the other car has thrown a large, heavy, though unidentifiable object at her car. He wouldn’t stand for letting them get away. Switching lanes, he raced up behind the other car, tailing close. “Write down their license plate number!” He yelled out with adrenaline. She pulled out her phone like rapid-fire, typing in the plate number and the make and model of the car.

When they had the needed information, he pulled to right into a parking lot. Across the street, the other car pulled in to a gravel road and turned around to go back where they had both just came. To her, this indicated that they had gotten into the turn lane to merely throw the object at her car, which infuriated her even more. They were both trembling with the aftermath of an adrenaline rush as they got out of the car to call the police and assess the damage. Though the dent wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be based on the loud noise the collision had made, they were still determined to get the boys into trouble for what they had done. She was in her fourth month of pregnancy. The damage they could have done, may have cost them more than they could even get back if it had hit her window instead of the door.

IMG_2436The cop showed up within a half hour. The man expressed that there was not much they could do, since they weren’t sure who was driving. About a week later, he received a call from the cop. The boy had been 17 years old and the father was not too happy finding out what his son had been involved in, taking away his car privileges. The boy refused to give up the names of his friends, though the dad claimed he would try to get them out. The cop stated bluntly that unless he and she wanted to sue the boy, there was nothing they could do. This angered he and she, since the kid was involved and yet got away. Not only that, but the 17 year old had been the driver who flashed his brights and purposefully pulled up next to them so that his friend could throw the unidentifiable, heavy object at the passenger side of her car.

Though justice had not been served, he and she were happy that nothing worse had happened. They were currently busy with the excitement of the coming holiday and their 20 week ultrasound scheduled for December 12th were they would find out Baby’s gender.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Hit and Run

  1. Sad article ,to see young people jeopardize their lives and the lives of others without thinking about the consequences of their actions.Thanks God He and she are well and getting ready to welcome their baby.

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