Hospital Tour and Doctor Swap

He and she found it difficult to find time to spend together unless it was after 10 on the weekdays. Their weekends had been fairly busy, filled with trips to his hometown as he converted his art studio into his stepdad’s large wood shop. She had gone home, one of the weekends, to her hometown while he stayed back to transfer his stuff. She and her mother spent the weekend shopping for maternity clothes and looking through old photos, bonding over the pregnancy as mother and daughter.

One weekend, when he and she finally had no plans, he helped her proceed with an experiment she had wished to try back in May but had never gotten around to doing so. It was the Anonymous Balloon Project. She had found biodegradable balloons and stuffed each with a letter. The letter was neon in color and instructed the finder to contact the given email address with various other instructions as to what they should include in the email. He had a helium tank at his work. The day was bright and beautiful with weather just perfect for the event. Their hearts raced as they saw the white cloud of 50 balloons gracefully dancing across the sky. They, then, decided to make a run for it, just in case anyone was looking for the culprit. It was validating to know they could accomplish a dream and a goal together, which made her excited about their future and the baby.

Thinking about the future and the baby led her to do some research about doctors in the area. He and she were very unhappy by the rude demeanor of the ultrasound tech and midwife at their university hospital. She felt as though she was trapped on a pregnancy assembly line and that she was just another insignificant piece. A friend at work suggested a local doctor that had delivered the babies of several other coworkers, each loved this woman. She called that afternoon to switch over her appointment from the university hospital to the new hospital that housed Dr. S. Dr. S had only missed one birth in 29 years of practice, which somewhat calmed her nerves. He was excited that they would be going in for another appointment in hopes that they would have another ultrasound picture to take home. The doctor practiced down the street in a quaint little house down the street from the hospital where she would go to give birth in April. “Babe we should go and tour the hospital, you know. We can ask questions and see where I’ll experience terrible pain!” She exclaimed, excited at the same time.

The day of the tour they awoke early, knowing the bug man would be coming to their apartment to install bug traps at his request. It was his way of protecting her and the baby, not wanting them to spray toxic chemicals around where she ate and spent most of her time. It was raining as they parked in the parking garage. They were lost for several minutes, wandering the hospital and asking for directions. “I really hope we find where we are supposed to be much faster when I am in labor. I am SO not walking this far in pain!”

He laughed at her remark, “Don’t worry sweetie. It will be fine.” The desk monitor called the tour guide to come meet them in the lobby of the women’s birth center. The woman walked them through the halls describing where to go, taking them to an empty labor room. It was clean and ready for a baby to be born, equipped with a tub, monitors, and even a TV. The woman introduced them to the fancy security system that made sure no one would walk out of the hospital with their baby and then ended the tour in a recovery room. He and she were pleased to find out that the rooms were all singles and that she would;t have to share the experience with anyone else but her own close family members. The guide explained that there would be renovations on the rooms in the coming months and that she will quite possibly be able to experience the remodel by the time she would need a room. They would have double beds in them: one for he and one for she; and appear more modern. They were happy with the news. They left more excited than ever, though 6 months was a long way away.

When they got back, he began to make her breakfast. They each had about 45 minutes until they had to be anywhere. There was a knock on the door. When she answered, she was faced with the bug man who held a long stemmed sprayer and announced that he was there to spray. He, who stopped making eggs at this point, stopped the bug man from coming in. “You aren’t supposed to spray in here, didn’t the management company tell you?” He questioned, though the man seemed to be clueless. “I called four times to explain that she is pregnant and you can’t spray chemicals around her!” He was getting frustrated, until he saw the man retreat to his truck to get bug traps. He turned back to her a bit deflated, “I don’t get how they didn’t know.” She just smiled and kissed him.

When the bug man returned, it turned out that it was on his order form after all, meaning an oversight where if they hadn’t been there, the man would have sprayed. This made him angry, though once the man was out of his sight he calmed. His love for her was what riled him up, wanting her and the baby to be safe at all times.

The next week was the appointment. The house was as cute and quaint on the inside as it had been on the outside. There were screen printed images that draped the walls, all of which he had a comment on due to his recent experience with screen printing. She filled out paper work as they waited until a nurse brought them both back into the examination room. They ran the usual tests: urine sample, blood pressure, vitals, etc. When this process was complete they finally met Dr. S. Although at first they thought she wouldn’t be as great as anticipated due to an interaction he and she witness in the lobby with Dr. S and the receptionist, the women turned out to be very nice and excited for them. Dr. S didn’t make them feel as insecure as the staff at the university hospital had, this woman made them feel like they had a support system and someone who wanted to help them achieve their own goals in the pregnancy and birth.

They all went back to the examination room where they got to hear the quick pace of their baby’s heart for the first time. Dr. S also had a trick up her sleeve, which was a tiny hand held ultrasound device. Though they didn’t get a printed image, they still were able to see the baby moving and flailing its arms around, almost as though baby was dancing. When the doctor left the room, he and she joked that the baby would be just as dorky as they were, as they sat pantomiming dance moves and laughing at each other.

When they left, they felt an extreme sense of joy and relief. They had found their doctor. She rubbed her arm on the way to the car where they had given her the flu shot (one that didn’t have all the additives like Mercury). When they got in the car, he kissed the top of her head. “I can’t wait to have this baby with you.” He said as he gently placed his hand on the small bump of her stomach.


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