For the First Time…

He and she were terrified yet excited at the recent discovery that come April they would be parents. A concern her mother had was that she hadn’t seen a doctor to confirm the pregnancy as viable. The date of the first appointment grew near as the anticipation welled up within everyone who had heard of the news. Before the 10 week mark, much could go wrong and she was, at this point, only 8 weeks.

He emailed his teachers, letting them know he wouldn’t be in class that day. The doctor’s appointment, though early, would run past his first class and the start of her shift at 11am. It would be worth it. This appointment would tell them whether or not there really was a living being. Her nerves began to get the best of her as she thought of the well-being of her baby, needles, and blood draws. These were things she knew she would have to deal with, especially in 7 1/2 months when the baby came. He wasn’t sure what to expect at the appointment. The feeling that he needed to be there with her was strong, but he wasn’t sure what he would bring to the table. The pregnancy was so new that it didn’t quite seem real to him. For her, the symptoms were real, but the idea of a being inside her wasn’t.

The ultrasound tech came out into the hallway, calling her name. The woman reached out with her right hand. Instead of handing the woman her chart like the extended hand intended, she too, reached out her right hand for the most awkward handshake ever. She had no clue this is what happened until he explained it to her later, laughing.

He had never before seen her go through the ultrasound process (she had had two in the past summer due to a 6cm cyst that had luckily gone away by this point). The ultrasound technician and what seemed to be a student, walked he and she into the dimly lit room. They had her go to the bathroom and change into a sheet. She was instructed to lie on the table, placing her feet into the stirrups. The doctor seemed somewhat skeptical about the pregnancy, wondering how the last doctor who gave her an ultrasound for the cyst a month ago had seen nothing. She looked to the tiny monitor for any signs of a baby, mildly panicking when all she saw was black, but then there it was. The baby. Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.36.16 PMTiny and innocent, not bigger than a grape at this point, but it was real now. They couldn’t stop smiling back and forth at each other. Though the doctor’s assistant wasn’t very gentle, the experience of finally seeing their baby changed everything. Now, it was more real than ever. This was really happening, and in less than 9 months they would meet Baby.

The rest of the appointment seemed long and boring. The one thing that kept them going was the tiny ultrasound photo they were given. The one that they never wanted to put down.



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