After finding out the news that they were going to have a baby come April, he and she decided to spend the weekend cleaning out the spare bedroom in preparation. Saturday was the day of grand plans that turned awry with a few strategically placed happenings that lead to nothing getting done. Friday, on her way out of work, she realized her back passenger tire was low. Once she got to his work it was nearly flat, completely flat at 10pm when they left. He decided to drive them both home that night and put the spare on in the morning in order to drive it to get fixed. That would have been simple enough, but as they had learned, life is full of little surprises.

Saturday morning, a big day for football in their college town, his brother called and asked for a ride to a tailgate. Figuring out how to fit he, she, his brother, and two other girls in his three-passenger truck was going to be rough. As he and she pulled into the parking lot of his brother’s hotel, he began clearing out the front seat for the overload of passengers. Being pregnant, she opted not to sit on anyone’s lap or even be in the car due to the obvious safety hazard. He began the short drive into town as she waited at the hotel for his return, giving her mom a quick call. Within three minutes, he called her. “Did you get pulled over?” She asked confused at why he’d be calling already.

“No, my brakes went out on this truck too…” He stated, upset at the fact that he had gotten this truck three weeks ago to replace the other one with no brakes and a bad transmission. “I almost couldn’t stop. You’re gonna have to walk over to the field where everyone’s tailgating and wait with me.” She wandered over to him, sad at his unfortunate vehicular situation. When she found him, they hugged, both happy she hadn’t been in the car.

The truck wasn’t going anywhere at this point. Knowing this he called a tow truck to take him across the street (not even a block away) to the mechanic for fixing. Other friends picked up his brother and the two girls within ten minutes of the brake blowout, leaving he and she to wait an hour for the tow truck. She was growing increasingly tired (pregnancy will do that to a woman, even only 8 weeks in) unsure how far into this day she would make it without crashing. On the bright side, they had each other and a sweet ride in a tow truck while surrounded by drunken tailgaters. The tow ended up costing him $100 bucks, which for less than a block seemed steep.

A mechanic wouldn’t see his truck for hours and her car sat still in his work parking lot with a flat rear tire. 20 minutes was a long distance away from home and a vehicle that had a quick and simple fix. They walked a block over to the mall right next to the mechanic and spent some time calling every cab service in the area. The football game going on slashed any chance they had at finding transportation. All they got were busy lines. They began calling people they knew for rides but most people they knew were part of the drunken tailgating genre. They had already been walking around since 9:30 and at this point, it was noon. The bus wouldn’t come for another hour and he could see her growing more and more tired from the walking and excitement. He finally called his art professor who finished up her lunch quickly to come and get them. The woman took them to his work at the university to drop them off at her car where he changed her flat tire to the spare in a matter of ten minutes.

From there, they decided to grab some food at the grocery store and finally return home. Upon getting home, he received a call stating that his truck that he just bought for $800 would cost $1600 to fix. This deeply upset him for several hours. All she knew to do was hold him until he was calm while stroking his hair and then change the subject to something happy.

The next day he saw the quote that explained the bill to only be $500 and then rest recommended. No longer trusting this mechanic he decided to find a way to fix it himself. Luckily, her tire had a screw in it and cost only $10 to fix. Although they would have to share a car for a while, they always found a way to make unfortunate situations work. It will be this mentality that helps them through an unplanned pregnancy and any other obstacles they have yet to face.


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