Be Positive

He and she were having an ordinary week when the conversation rolled over the fact that she was a bit late this month. It wasn’t the most unusual thing, since the pill always messed up her cycle making it always next to impossible to predict. She felt a tad queasy, but this too was something that was normal for her when on the pill…only not during the sugar pill week. He drove them to the nearest Walmart to grab an 88-cent test just to ease their worries as they had several times before. They had spent a short time in the mid afternoon making a whopping $45 at the casino that they used to buy ingredients for a crawfish and shrimp dinner that mimicked the ones in Maine that were dumped across the table for all to crack into and share. They wanted to wait until the next morning to take the test, fearing that it may not be accurate if she took it that night, so they went along with the dinner as though they hadn’t a care in the world.

When the meal was ready, they sat on the floor conversing and enjoying a glass of whiskey and the fun social event they had created for themselves. They learned quickly how to break apart the crawfish and eat the good parts, saving the shrimp for last. “I love you so much.” He said, as they exchanged a kiss and a smile.

“I love you too, sweetie. This was a good idea.” She said holding up her next crawfish victim that she would devour. He agreed as they continued while watching Modern Family.

When they began to slow down, they started back up on the possibility that she was pregnant. “You don’t really think you are, do you?” He questioned in a tone leading her to respond with no. The truth was that she didn’t know. They had had plenty of “scares” that were nothing. She figured this occurrence would be the same. “Why don’t you just take the test now?” He asked.

She walked into the bathroom following the necessary instructions. He entered the bathroom to wait with her. The results headed up the test agonizingly slow. “If the T shows up first and then the C that means I am pregnant.” She clarified to him as they sat and watched. Almost right as she said so, the faintest line began to show on the T line.IMG_6044

“Oh my God.” He said, as she begged for an invalid test, running into the living room to sob and sob. He remained in the bathroom gazing at the test that marked the biggest change in either of their lives and relationship. The sight of her crying and upset sparked a few tears from him as he held her close. He sent a picture of the positive test to his mother, which resulted in an immediate phone call. She was still bawling as his mother attempted to calm her, but at this point all she needed was her own mother there with her. Sadly, her mother was in Hawaii for the next week and, knowing her mother, this wasn’t the news that should be delivered over the phone. He and she went right back out to Walmart for a better test, though that one showed an instant positive. She began to count the days until her mother’s return.

The week felt long as the nausea grabbed hold of her and refused to let go. That Tuesday she called a doctor to set up an appointment. They didn’t want her to come back until she was closer to ten weeks, which apparently is a time where many things can go wrong. Tuesday was also the day she had planned a job shadowing at an animation company, though it was a mute point for her now that she was pregnant, she still thought it would be a fun experience. On several occasions, she nearly puked right in front of everyone there. Now seven weeks along, she still had yet to throw up. It was something she hoped she could just skip. The one thing she wanted the most was to talk to and see her mom. When her mother returned, she called and asked if he and she could go on the annual ski trip come January. She could not yet say to her mom that she couldn’t go because skiing at around 6 months pregnant would be dangerous.

Though it felt like months, Saturday finally came and she headed back to her hometown. He went back to his own hometown, understanding that this was a conversation that she needed to have with her mom alone. It wasn’t hard for her mother to guess as they sat in the nail salon, her mother questioned her motives for coming back without him. “I thought you came back to tell me you were married or knocked up or something.”

“Well, I’m not married…” Her face turned bright red as her mother suddenly realized that her daughter was pregnant. Her mother grabbed her in and held her, shocked but ready to support he and she’s decision to keep the baby. She told her dad over the phone that Monday, though shocked as well, was also supportive. He and she, though caught off guard by the unexpected, were happier than they had ever been, ready for the new baby due in April.


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