He and she had only flown on a plane one other time, which was from New York back home. This vacation would be different than the last. His parents had invited them to come along with all expenses paid (they could not afford it otherwise). Upon arrival the heat was stifling, though he and she welcomed it with open arms. Due to the fact that they had awoken at 3am to make their 5am flight, their fight for consciousness was a difficult battle. When they got to the Paradisus Hotel in Cancun, the all-inclusive eight-day venture would begin. He and she were granted their own room. Walking in, it felt as though they were in a dream, one where they were older with a well-supplied bank account and endless vacation days, one where there were three meals a day and no worry of whether the next paycheck will be enough.

For the first few days they lazed around the pool, drinking and relaxing, catching sun through 50spf. He was the one who suggested quite enthusiastically on the 4th of July that they go to CoCo Bongo. His brother, the one who shared her first and middle name, came along with them. One thing about the all-inclusive resort that she was highly excited for was free sushi. Before CoCo Bongo, everyone had joined to eat at the sushi place called Bana. He and she ordered 4 rolls each with a few cups of sake to start their night of drinking.

He, she, and his younger brother headed to CoCo Bongo on the bus. She was unsure of their carbon copy slip of a ticket but he seemed confident, so she went with it. Upon arrival, the night was alive. People were dressed up as box office stars willing to be photographed as long as they received a couple bucks in return. There was music blaring from hidden speakers and a line down the street all waiting for a night of shows and booze. He scrambled around looking for someone who could give them their wristbands. A man came by connecting the yellow bracelets that indicated free drinks at any bar inside the club. The wait seemed a tad long until a different man came out offering drinks on a tray that were much stronger than they looked. After more waiting, the velvet link holding them back was released and the trio was set free into the night. They were led through several sets of bars and escalators before making their way into the main area where there were women already dancing on the bars.

“Let’s grab some beers before the show starts!” He yelled over the pumping music. Leaning into the bar he ordered them drinks though the bartender had already slid three shots of tequila toward them. She and his brother made eye contact, both not fans of the stuff but figuring they were there to drink, they all knocked them back. It was then that they were handed their beers. Once finding a nice place to stand, they watched as the show begun. There were shows based off of Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Spiderman, Beetlejuice, and a variety of musical numbers by famous pop icons like Michael Jackson. The amount of confetti at this event was more than they had seen in all three of their lives combined. They had to remember every time they went off to cover their drinks or else they would later be surprised by the papery texture with a swig of beer.

The night ran into the early hours of the morning as they danced and drank. He and his brother complained of aches in their feet and insisted they call it a night. Just as they were leaving, the cast of the show got up onto the middle bar. For lack of a better word, a midget, who was part of the cast, began pouring tequila shots in people’s mouths. He scooped up all her hair in his hand and nudged her toward the man on the bar who gladly poured the shot straight into her mouth. “I hate tequila, but that was pretty awesome!” She claimed as they stammered out of the club. They grabbed a cab back to the hotel, and she was happily united with the leftover sushi waiting for them in the room.

The next couple days they took it easy, lounging at the pool, again visiting the swim-up bar. He wanted to take her to La Isla de Mujeres and spend the day while his brother and mother went to swim with sharks in a tank. He and she took a ferry ride and rented a golf cart to drive around the island. It was a beautiful and romantic getaway for them as they stopped at major tourist points. They grabbed a beer at a local restaurant as she felt the sunburns draped across her shoulders. They had begun to blister. When he noticed her attempting to pop them, he swatted her hand away warning that it would make it worse. The heat was a reason they kept close to the golf cart as well as the fact that a few vendors tried dealing them drugs when all she was in search of was a souvenir. Jail time in Mexico wasn’t quite the “something special” she was looking for. It felt free out there, almost like they had the funds to do stuff like this on their own as a couple. Before heading back, they stopped and had enchiladas at a local restaurant.

The trip was coming to an end far too soon. For their final days, they all rode jet skis. She wanted to ride with him though he went wild almost losing her several times. They eventually switched places, but they learned that from then on separate jet skis was the way to go. When they got back to the pool, a man was there holding a small brown monkey. She had always liked monkeys though she was somewhat terrified of them. He encouraged her to hold it and get her picture taken, pushing her into an already growing line. When she walked up to the man, the monkey got on her shoulder, wrapping its tiny hand across her face and smiling at a cameraman. He and his brother also got pictures taken. The man asked he and she for images together. Even though they would have loved the pictures, $17 for a single tiny print didn’t seem worth it. They decided to capture the memory in their mind instead.

He and she made a final reservation for two at Bana for more sushi (no one else was a fan of sushi). They felt a tad sick from all the food and alcohol they had consumed over the eight-day period. Heading to the airport was a sad venture that was inevitable. He and she boarded two more planes and endured two, two-hour car rides before finally making it back to their apartment and their cats. They spent the rest of the weekend lounging around and catching back up with reality before fully starting back up on Monday.


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