Tiny Houses and Pipe Dreams

He and she had watched a documentary on Netflix about Tiny Houses and the movement surrounding it. They had decided long ago that they would rather have a smaller house that was really nice while having extra money to travel and go out to dinner on occasion. This was, however, a very tiny light at the end of a long tunnel since they still had plans to further their education. He had recently traded his motorcycle for a boat that resided at the apartment until they decided whether to fix the old thing or make another trade. The documentary had inspired their need to live simply and to create their own environment.

He had found a beat up trailer that held half of a camper at the front on craigslist that a man two hours from them agreed to a trade for the boat. The problem was that his tiny $700 beat up Ford Ranger could barely pull the weight of the boat let alone a large gooseneck trailer. He willed it to work, installing the proper gooseneck hitch in his truck bed. They made a few trips to the local habitat REstore, finding around 20 square feet of Maple wood that they wanted to put in the kitchen of their tiny house. The excitement was mutual as they thought of what it would be like to completely uproot their lifestyle and mold it into something new.

The day came for the trade, a frightening time for he and she that would be followed by excitement for their Mexico trip with his family (That is if they made it to his parents house). Early that morning they made sure their cats were taken care of for the duration of their trip, hiring someone from her work at the school to make visits while carrying all of their luggage down the steps of their apartment. The boat was heavy for its size as he began to attach it to the one hitch he had attached to his bumper. As he released the weight onto the rear of his truck, there was a noticeable dip as the bumper lost more and more space from the pavement. It wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that the wheel of the boat trailer was stuck in contact with the ground, unable to be turned up for driving. He was able to prop up the back end of his truck to remedy  the issue though the small prop wheel had to be placed at a 90-degree angle or it would collide with the road if they bottomed out.

They took it easy, only going around 45mph in a 55mph area to ensure their safety. The boat was making a violent dent in his gas gage as they drove the allotted amount of miles toward the trailer. Sadly enough, this half of the trip wouldn’t be nearly as stressful as what was to come. When they reached the man’s house, she understood why MapQuest couldn’t find it. The tiny farmhouse was nearly covered in overgrown weeds that felt like a page out of ISpy as she caught glimpses of tiny trinkets and tools splayed across the lawn. The man also had a few other boats parked in front that looked as though they had found their permanent resting place. He jumped out of the truck to greet the man as she stayed put in the passenger seat. With the windows rolled down she could hear him exchange facts about the boat as well as, “Do you have a bathroom?” He ended up just going in the man’s back yard instead of a nearby rundown camper that the man initially offered up. She, too, had to go but with no running water and outside this strange man’s house, she decided to just hold it. The sooner this exchange was over the sooner they could finish up their treacherous journey.

Attaching the beast of a trailer to the back of his tiny truck was a feat. His tires looked ready to burst as the weight was lowered down onto the gooseneck hitch. “Well, I hope we make it to my parent’s house.” He said with a nervous look in his eyes. For three hours, they listened to the burps and hiccups of his truck in agony. Stopping to get gas, they bottomed out causing a simultaneous gasp. Luckily, they got back on the highway safely, going 45mph again.

After an hour and a half of driving to his hometown, the beast bouncing on the trucks rear tires, the engine began to heat up. “If it gets to a certain point I’ll have to pull over for an hour at least.” She sighed, hoping they didn’t have to live through the fear and torture of this journey anymore than they had to. He slowed his speed even more, which fixed the heat issue. When they finally reached a close point to his house, the tension grew. There was smoke flying from the back of the truck. The source was unidentifiable with the massive trailer hitching a ride. Pulling into the driveway of his parent’s house, she noticed how she hadn’t been breathing as deeply as normal, the stress must have clutched on her lungs, holding a firm grip until they arrived safely.

The journey was long but they survived with the promise of Mexico right around the corner.


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