Catching Up!

Over the past month, he and she had been the most busy they had ever been. They had moved from separate apartments to one apartment. T had moved in with them for the first month, but recently moved out due to living conflicts. He and she had realized they had tried to live together for four years and another person moving with them caused them to nit pick often. Anyone that moved in with them would have had to deal with that. He and she were a team who liked their own personal space with each other. It was difficult, but he and T remained friends and business partners. She had gotten a job at a private Pre-6 school as the office assistant manager after graduating. Her family had come down to visit her, which was fun and helped him better connect with them. A couple weeks later, he and she made a trip to her hometown to visit her parents. There were several morel mushroom excursions along with some kayaking as well to kick off the summer.

Now, he and she are currently going through the summer awaiting their trip to Mexico in a few weeks. He will begin his last year at the University in the fall, while also building the studio and selling products as he and T had begun already. She will continue to work at the school until they decide to leave the place they have resided for the past four years.


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