Motorcycle Lesson

He had currently purchased a motorcycle (a Yamaha FZR 600 for only $400!) that needed some work done, more than he knew. When he and she had just begun their relationship four years prior, he coaxed her on to the bike he had at the time. She was very wary of accepting his offer due to the fact that she had never road on one before. He handed her a helmet and showed her how to hang on to him. At this point, they weren’t yet dating, so the idea of having her arms around him was mystical. She leaned against his back, pressing her chest into it firmly. Her arms traced the outside of his waist until they met and clasped in front of him. When he took off, she would accidentally head butt him, not yet getting a feel for the touch and go of the throttle. He brought a hand down on her leg, comforting her fears and she hugged him in closer, taking in the smells of the air enveloping them as they drove at high speeds. He had to teach her how to lean with the turns, something that was very frightening to a newbie, since she felt like she would either tip them, fall off, or scrape their legs on the pavement. He enjoyed her adventurous side, the one that got her on the bike in the first place. She was always intrigued a the way motorcyclists always raised a friendly hand at other motorcyclists. It felt as though they were part of some big club where everyone was friendly. After seeing scary biker dudes on TV, it was almost difficult to believe.

He later sold the bike because the payment for the insurance was a cost he didn’t have the money to keep up with. About a year or so after they had been together, he bought another one. This was during their rough period but was a way for them to take break from the constant anguish of their relational state. He soon sold that one as well, again needed all the extra money he could scrounge for rent and food.

The new bike, though not yet running, was his next attempt to ride again. Each time they would see one pass them, they would say, “Man I wish we had a motorcycle.” One of his newer friends from the university, J, had just gotten a motorcycle he found for a good price, though he still had yet to get a license. He, being the helpful man that he is, offered to teach him one weekend. T was also in the market for a motorcycle, also not knowing how to ride yet. J and T both were planning to have him teach them all he knew about passing the test and how to ride. She decided to just be a tag along.

The four of them found a late parking lot at the local community college. There was luckily a random orange cone in the lot that he used for exercises he created on the spot. At first, he began showing them how to use the clutch and find the “sweet spot” where they would switch from clutch to gas. J was learning quickly while T seemed to catch on a bit later in the game. Moving on, he showed them how to swerve and turn and drive until they noticed a morphing in the clouds above. It was going to rain.

He and she had an experience a couple years prior where they got caught in the rain without helmets (which is ill-advised). The droplets felt like bullets as they collided with their exposed skin. They took refuge at a local grocery store, waiting over a half hour until they decided to suck it up and get back to his apartment. The experience, though painful and dangerous, was a moment they had that connected them briefly in the midst of difficult times. It was a moment she clung to.

He and J rode back to J’s house on the motorcycle while she and T went back in her tiny silver car. The rain had begun only slightly as they reached J’s house. He burrowed the motorcycle near the side of the house as J covered it before a down pour.”I want to get a bike so bad. I think I am going to get a loan for it.” T stated before he and she went back to his place. Later that week, T was able to sell a piece of art for enough money to buy one but that’s another story.


One thought on “Motorcycle Lesson

  1. I wish I could draw. Even my stick figures are awful. I like this also. I think I know what it is. They all have that easy, “waiting for them to bring your order” casual type conversation.

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