Bonding and a Bonfire

The move-in date was looming over them as they decided to spend majority of the day together without T. He had really wanted to start roller-blading, remembering his mad skills he had back in his childhood. Like a child on Christmas, he ripped open the large box of rollerblades, sliding in his foot and snapping down the clasps. They looked similar to ski boots though he found they weren’t quite as durable when one of the clasps broke off in his hand. She was focused on riding her bike around instead.

They made it outside, going to the gas station to fill her tires and traveling less than a block before he realized that rollerblades had somewhat lost their luster. They immediately headed back to the apartment so he could switch to his bike. They rode several miles to her apartment for fun, exercise, and to spend overall quality time together. After they rode back to his neighborhood, they decided to stop at the cafe a block from his place to get a coffee and a pastry to share. The day was bright and sunny with a gentle chill in the breeze. He and she sat outside of the cafe discussing their next activity and enjoying their espresso coolers. She ripped the chocolate filled pastry in half, handing him the bigger portion as he told her of a garage sale going on near them. “We have to go!” She exclaimed, finishing up her last bit of chocolaty goodness. They rode back to his place with their bikes and traded up for her car, both equally excited to see what was at the garage sale. On the way, they also stopped at local habitat store that had cheap household items that had been donated by the locals. He and she were really in the market for a washer and dryer but there were none available.

The  garage sale was held by a couple that had just sold him a motorcycle a few days prior. It was a definite fixer upper that would more than likely set him back more than he hoped. They peered into the garage with wonder and excitement, picking up random things and calling out to the other about how awesome it was. She found a Diaper Genie that was five bucks, excited to get it for the cat poo, hoping it may combat the smell. He found a really nice pair of ski boots, skis, and poles all for just $25. They got a few smaller items as well and left feeling satisfied.

Hunger got the best of them as they decided to get a burrito. On the way, they noticed an antique shop going out of business. They stopped in, intrigued by things but never buying anything. They again sat outside of the burrito place, one hand gripping the burrito, the other intertwined in the other’s loving grasp. “I am really happy we got this chance to hang out and have some alone time. I really missed this.” She explained.

“Me too, baby. I did it on purpose.” He said, knowing they both needed the extra time together before the move and also because they hadn’t had much alone time as it was.

T had texted him saying he was back in town and wanted to go mushroom hunting. She obliged, happy that he had made an effort for her. The three of them headed out to the spot they found several the year before. Morels were big where they are in the spring season. The year prior, the three of them shared a delicious meal of Morel risotto. The forest was magnificent as they clambered around in search of the tiny mushrooms. After a while, they realized that they were a tad too early in the season to find any. “We should go down the road and check to see if they are by the pine trees , since they hold in moisture. You comin’ sweetie?” She had been lagging behind due to feminine issues that caused her much discomfort.

photo-4They reached a rundown barn, intrigued by the subliminal nature of it. Walking toward the structure, he expressed that they should be quiet and attempt to stay hidden since it was private property. “I am coming back here to paint this.” He said to her as she smiled and agreed. T had already gone inside, looking around at random toys and oddities that were strewn across the dirt floor. An orange cat scampered past them, frightening her a bit.

After a while they decided to walk back to her car. He could see the discomfort on her face and offered to give her a piggy back ride. In the truck, she stroked her hair in search of ticks coming out with what seemed to be none. Several minutes later, she felt something clawing its way across her forehead. The sensation caused an immediate reaction as she peeled it from her skin, realizing that it was a tick. She freaked out, panicking about what to do while dropping onto the seat. She grabbed a piece of tissue and held it overtop the tiny nuisance. T pulled out his pocket knife, grabbing the bug from her and cut it in half. “There. It’s dead.” She sighed with relief, turning back around to face the road. He had been driving while the drama had happened, not too involved when she realized there was something at the end of his hair…ANOTHER TICK! T grabbed that one as quickly as the last, serving it with the same demise.

He and she showered immediately upon returning home. T went to run some errands before meeting back up with them to pick up a desk for her that was free. The desk had sadly not been up to par as they drug it with them to the campsite where they would burn the wood that she was finally able to rid from the trunk of her car after almost a year of them occupying the space. Beers were cracked and hot dogs were cooked as they all sat around the illumines  fire. A man from the campsite next to them brought over some blueberry cobbler, that was a meager attempt but the trio appreciated the gesture, eating it willfully. The night ended in darkness as they tried several times to put out the fire before driving off and separating for the night. He and she took in the night together at home, relaxing as a duo.



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