Adult Theater

There was a new place that had opened up in their college’s downtown area. It was a theatre that played mainly movies for adults, such as documentaries, adult cartoons, and the occasional porno (or so they’ve heard). On this day, she was busy at work making several cookies for an upcoming musical at the local high school; 175 cookies with the faces of Annie, Daddy Warbucks, and Sandy. He had suggested earlier that she come to this theater with him to see a film called, “Trashed.” It was free to the public but first come first serve. With only 50 seats in the tiny theater, he and she left at around 5:15 for the 5:45 showing.

When they got there, they walked down a long hallway of windows that gave a peep-show into other stores. At the very end of this large building’s hall was a glass door to the theater. It was very cozy and modern in structure and decor, brand new. They walked right past the concessions and into the dark room, hoping to find seats and surprised to see so many available. They chose a spot at the very top, which was equivalent to the very middle of a regular sized theater. As they got comfortable, she noticed a man walk in with what looked like a glass of wine in his hand. It would be awesome if a theater served alcohol, she thought to herself. He was thinking the same thing as they both began to discuss it. Not wanting to lose their relatively good seats, they went out one at a time returning with a beer. There had been several beers on tap, though he and she returned with different hues.

They were pleasantly surprised by the scene of this theater as they cozied up next to each other, sharing a small popcorn and testing out each other’s beers. He had chosen a dark beer, while she had picked out a very light beer. “This is awesome!” They said almost in tandem, clinking their glasses together. She lay her head on his shoulder, content as he kissed her forehead in the blackness of the small space. Glints of light struck their faces as the movie began flickering to a start. She stuck her arm through his and snuggled as close as she could get. They both smiled, enjoying the movie equally and deciding to make a stronger effort to recycle once they moved in the coming week, but that will be another story.


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