His Friend the Roommate

He and she had begun collecting boxes for their impending move. Majority of the things that filled the shelves of his apartment were sealed up in boxes at hers, in order to start the consolidation process. She was more than happy to move in with him, especially after all they had been through with roommates, breakups, and separate places. He had called her after class, asking her to reconsider whether or not his friend should live with them. At first she reacted negatively. She had built up living with him in her mind for so long that the idea of someone else moving in disappointed her. He was having an internal battle himself. His friend would soon be paying for a studio space he would be using to start their collaborative business. From that expense, his friend would have to sleep on a couch at the studio, since he couldn’t afford his own rent.

He and she sat down writing out a pros, cons, and neutral list. They thought the neutral list may help them have a better understanding of what they could deal with in a roommate. She still wasn’t really excited about the thought of living with his friend. The three of them had a beer and talked the night before the big decision. He and she went back and forth although he put the weight of the decision in her hands.

The next morning, they all three ran errands together, buying raspberry and blueberry bushes for their world-renowned artist professor. The day was sunny and warm, placing her a positive mindset, one that said she could do this for one year. When they were crammed into his car, she broke to his friend the news that he would be moving in with them come May 1st. “You guys are adopting me?!” His friend cried out excitedly. His friend’s fiancé who lived states away, was relieved to hear his man would’t be living on a couch in a studio. He and she knew it would be difficult, but they also knew it would be an experience that they would grow from. It was only for a year.



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