Showing His Apartment

He and she had signed their lease months prior. The problem they faced was how to get him out of his lease three months early for their May move-in. The property management company that owned his complex explained that he would have to pay $250 to be able to list his apartment early. They told him that he would be in charge of showing the place. Once someone agreed to take it, they would sign a brand new lease and cancel his early. He didn’t want to pay rent on both apartments when the leases overlapped.

“Babe, this place is a disaster. We have two showings today, one tomorrow and one Sunday. So, we need to clean the place,” he informed her. It was spring break, and they hadn’t done much besides work. Her boss gave her the day off, which was nice since it was the Friday leading into the end of the break. Instead of taking the day to relax, they rose early, cleaning the entire day. The first showing was set for 3:15 and the second for 7:30.

It took hours for them to finally see the carpet again. She had previous experience as a cleaning lady one summer. Her mother had also instilled the cleaning gene in her, though she stuck with only throroughly cleaning when need be. They scrubbed, vacuumed, washed dishes, and tidied until the place was neat and spotless. With only 15 minutes left to spare, he received a text that the person wouldn’t be coming.

“Of course!” She stated laughing at the irony. “At least we have the other one tonight, and the place is already clean.” He nodded in agreement as they both simultaneously fell back on the couch with a sigh of relief. The pain of cleaning was over. It amazed them at how long it took to clean a mere 560 square feet. While they sat relaxing, they heard the sound of his phone chirping across the living room. He let out another sigh, as he thrust himself up and over to his phone.

The moment he brought his phone into view, he let out a sarcastic chuckle. “What?” She asked, as he turned around to explain.

“The 7:30 texted to cancel as well.” They both made eye contact, thinking that they cleaned for nothing. “Hey, I’m fine with it. After I get back from work at 7, we can just relax now.” With that she smiled, and they shared a big high-5.


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