Hairy Details

They always found ways to make his art a mutual activity. Whether he drew her as she took a bath (very Titanic of him), or had her assist him in his endeavor, they attempted to find ways to be together. This time, he needed her help assembling pieces of his art project that was due in one of his classes the next day. His stress level was through the roof. He wondered if he was even going to make the deadline.

He cuts his own hair. This is something about him that needs to be known for this story to make any sense. The past two times, he kept the hair trimmings, putting them in small plastic sandwich bags. He figured that one day he could use them for an art project. This thought is what led to what they were about to do.

The face mold he made was filled and hardened with plaster so that he could form bottle caps over the features to make what looked like a 3D mask. He wanted to give it that extra flare that set him apart from other students, and thought back to the two bags of hair trimmings sitting at his apartment. She wasn’t thrilled that she would have to fondle his hair and put them in tiny bunches. 

His friend, the one that had gone to New York with them, came in and rescued them for a while. They decided to go to lunch at a Japanese buffet. She was thrilled to eat a ton of sushi. His plate was stacked in a makeshift mountain. The night before the three had gone to a bar near his apartment and briefly talked about people who made bowls out of cucumbers in order to put more food on one plate. They revisited the topic, laughing at it again like a new inside joke.

When they got back to the studio, the daylight had been drained from the day. His anxiety rose, knowing he still had a lot more to complete before class the next afternoon. She went home to work out. It was something she started doing five or six days a week to stay fit for the coming summer months. As soon as she was done, she headed back to help assist in completing his project. He was no where near that point. At around 11pm, he finished enough of the face to begin getting the hair together. He wanted small bunches tied up with fishing line. The bunches would be made into a scalp that would go on the head. They worked together diligently for hours. He held the hair while she tied the fishing line around the chunks. When it reached almost 1 in the morning, he decided they were done for the night and would finish in the early morning.

The studio was nearly empty when he arrived the next morning at dawn. She wanted to workout and do some of her own assignments before she went back in to help. When she got there, he explained to her that the work that they did the night before wouldn’t be used. He had chosen a new and easier way to complete the task. He had aluminum tape and a large bottle of super glue waiting for her. The task was to attach the hair to the tape in a row, cover the ends that were stuck to the tape with super glue, and then fold the other half of the tape over  it to make a clean strip. While he finished up the head, she sat gluing his hair to large pieces of tape. Around 1pm, she finished doing her part and had to leave for work, happy to have helped.

His class thought the project was interesting and slightly gross due to the fact that his real hair was topping off the sculpture. He was glad to have her support and understanding.


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