Late Valentine’s


She had been busy working the week of Valentine’s Day. The cookie place was in full swing, piling in customer after customer. Friday, the actual holiday, she was moving around non-stop, tending to those who waited until the last moment to purchase a gift for their loved ones. She knew that she was one of those people as well, since she wasn’t going to assemble his gift until she left.

He was stranded at his studio while his truck was in the shop. The brakes had begun to peter out, which they figured would happen eventually due to the fact that the truck was old and had been only $700. He grew a bit stir crazy, not being able to go to one of his classes without the transportation, along with having endured a long few mile walk from the auto body shop back to his studio.

They were going to have her favorite meal that night. She had been stoked all week, since it was once in a long while that he made it for them. Chicken Tikka Masala. It took hours to make and created a massive surplus of dishes (No dishwasher included).

Luckily, she had gotten off work earlier than she had thought and was able to tidy up his apartment. She had made him a six stack of peanut butter cookies and topped it off with a frosted red heart sugar cookie decorated with a white zig-zag across it that was meant to represent a heart beat. For the final touch, she tied a lovely red ribbon into a bow around the top to seal it.

He was waiting at work for her to come pick him up. He figured in the time she had been done with work she had done the grocery shopping for the meal. When she showed up outside the building, she expressed that she didn’t know what they needed. They stopped at the local store to pick-up a few items and headed back to his apartment. “You better not have gotten me something.” He said sternly, no humor in his tone.

“I didn’t!” She exclaimed, poorly hiding that there were cookies wrapped and waiting for him on the stove along with a love letter that she had hand-written. From then on, he seemed dissatisfied until they arrived home. He enjoyed the gifts though was still unhappy she did something.

“Babe, all I wanted for Valentine’s Day is for you to make this dinner.” She explained due to the fact that he hadn’t gotten her anything. They had agreed not to exchange gifts, but she had gotten the cookies for free, so she didn’t think it counted.

It was already getting pretty late, as he began dinner and popped open a bottle of wine. They had a few moments of bickering from being tired and hungry. When the Tikka was placed in front of her, all bad feelings washed away. They consumed the meal rapidly, enjoying every bite. It was close to mid-night at this point as she thanked him for dinner.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby,” he replied.

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