Busy, Busy, Busy

He and she hadn’t really planned on the new semester being so jam-packed. Though they had gone through some exciting instances of progress, such as signing a lease on a new place that would be theirs, things seemed to have calmed down. Instead they kept their daily lives at a steady pace, and weeks began to meld together in a cycle. She had begun doing research with her professor as an assistant along with strategic communication for her university’s video services, on top of working at the cookie place. He was attempting to clock as many hours as possible in his studio, working on an art project that no one had yet attempted to do. They both worked in the same space on occasion, but majority of their time was spent apart, even on weekends.

Though it may seem like all the time apart was harming them, it was actually quite the opposite. They began to cherish the times in which they had a free moment to relax in each other’s company. Without selfishly asking the other person to sacrifice time for their work, they encouraged each other to do things. She is set to audition for a band, in hopes to re-invite music into her life along with keeping up on her daily exercise. He is more focused on art than ever before, doing several projects at once with endless creative ideas he has stored in his head. They both know the harder he works on his art, the better chance he has at getting into a museum.At the end of both of their long days, they discuss what they seek to do. Most of the time, their plans and ideas change drastically.

The only real way to know what’s next for he and she, is to just keep going.


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