Finding an Apartment

He and she had been wanting to move in together for a while. They share majority of their time together anyways, so getting new place to share together just felt right. For weeks they had been looking online for possible places, but none were available when they needed. Each property management company told them to wait until the New Year to call again. Upon her arrival after winter break, it was finally time to start making more calls. The day after his mother had spent the day with them, they decided to go apartment hunting. It was his birthday, though he wasn’t making as big of a deal out of it as she had on hers. Then again, she loved birthdays.

They finally made it to a place that had a deal going on. It was half off the deposit and first month’s rent. Going into the rental office, they asked if there was availability in May and inquired about a showing. The woman was very kind, offering a showing the next day of two different apartments. Once they left, they felt like this place may have serious moving potential. “Ah! I am so excited to live with you.” She expressed many times, unable to contain it.

“Me too sweetie.” He replied smiling as they drove back to his place in his beat up truck.

The next day, she woke up and went to work at the cookie place. Knowing they would see a place together that day was exhilarating. She couldn’t leave work fast enough. He was ready and waiting for her inside as they left immediately, hopping into his truck. When they pulled into the parking lot of the first set of complexes, they admired the tranquility of the area and how it was a comfortable distance from civilization. The woman pulled up next to them in her small silver car, smiling. They exchanged a bit of small talk while they walked inside.

The place she showed them was unoccupied. It looked huge and very clean. There was a large kitchen, a spacious living room, and two bedrooms. One would be his designated studio space, although she was hoping for a corner where she could put a desk. She always wanted one. With her phone, she took a quick video tour through the space, sending it to both of their moms. He and she both adored the space, though it was a tad more than they wanted to pay. They decided they could swing it, especially with the half off deal they were running.

The next place was a short drive away from the place they had just seen. It was much closer to the property management office that the other had been. As they stepped inside, they recognized that it was currently rented out to someone who wasn’t all that concerned about tidying the place. It was noticeably smaller than the first apartment and had a fireplace that messed up the overall layout. They would have to put the couch in one spot and never move it, since it wouldn’t fit anywhere else. She automatically hated it, while he later agreed. “I loved the first one babe.” She told him on the way back to his place.

“Me too. I think that may be the one.” They smiled at each other in agreement. She had prematurely filled out the applications, though it came in handy since they turned them in along with their fees later that day. They were quickly approved, which excited them. They went in the next week once they got money to pay the deposit. Sitting in the small space of the rental office, he and she read over the rental agreement, signing in tandem. As they passed the thoroughly signed packet, they were handed a folder with their new address. On the drive home, they discussed how amazing the new place would be, wishing that it was May already.


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