Returning for Good

Her family ski trip had been fun, but being away from him for an extended amount of time killed her. He was a mess by himself, sitting at home alone all day. Though their love was growing stronger by the day, they still had their moments of weakness. On the car ride over she fought with herself on whether or not to tell him she had checked his email while she had been in Colorado. Holding in the truth was making her sick, which ultimately lead to her standing outside his door mentally deciding her next move. Walking in, he noticed something was wrong immediately. He scooped her into his arms as her heart pounded in her chest. “What’s wrong baby?” He asked calmly.

“There’s something I need to tell you…” She began, noticing that he seemed to have stopped breathing. “I didn’t do anything…Really… I…I checked your email…” Relief seemed to have overcome his prior fear.

“And? Did you find anything?”

“Yes…In your junk email…” He looked confused as the words spouted from her mouth. “Stuff I’m assuming came from when we were broken up last year.” Tears began to burn down her cheeks as the guilt of betraying his trust sunk in. She was not sure why curiosity had consumed her in such a way that would make her behave in this manner. He still seemed to have no idea what she was talking about. She felt the burden of the truth release her, feeling at ease that she was able to be honest with him.

From there, they decided to set it aside and have a good day. Her apartment was the first place they stopped, getting her mail from all the days she had been gone. They went up to her place and looked around for movies they could possibly watch on his big screen later. They remained there for a while, finding a moment of passion and then moving on to their next activity.

Upon their return to his apartment, they sat down to decide what to do for dinner. She chose a chicken dish that she had made in high school for a Spanish project. The video remained on YouTube with 11,000 views and counting. It was chicken in garlic sauce. It wasn’t a Spanish dish, but he and she had made and enjoyed it numerous times over the years. They were excited for the coming day when his mom would visit them for his upcoming birthday. The rest of the night they spent in each other’s arms, watching a movie, and reveling in the fact that she was home to stay. The impending year ahead held a new apartment together and a bright future.


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