Being Apart

Leaving each other was never easy. The final kiss was painful. They were about to endure another 8 day separation that seemed much longer, as he disappeared in her rear view mirror. Her family was on a ski trip in Colorado, while he stayed behind at his apartment. The poems below are meant to poetically describe their separation. Neither read the other’s until each poem was completed.

From He to She:

Nothing can explain his feeling.
Without her time stands still.
His head drops and his walk slows down.
He’s a mess without her.
She relieves this depressed feeling,
That he is feeling now.
The only thing he wants apart,
Is her back in his arms.
She is what his thoughts are about,
She is his only, his something.
Without her he’s lonely.
She is the other piece of him.
He is half of himself.
He is from her complexity.
His life is his boredom.
He is boring when she is gone.
He lives a happy life.
But only true when she is here.
It is he that arrives.
And it is them that are living.
Together they are one.

From She to He:

Without his love she’s breaking.
His presence is everything.
Heart seems to be missing,
When he is not around.
She wants him when she’s sleeping,
When awake as well.
But when he isn’t near,
Time seems to stand still.
Distance makes them crazy.
Each a half to the one whose missing.
She pictures his lips, his smile, his love,
Clear as day she sees.
Exchanging hearts, they know
their love is everything.


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