Post-Christmas Reunion

Christmas had quickly sprung on them as they kissed one last time before she got in her car to head home. Though they would officially move in together in the fast approaching spring, they agreed that sharing Christmas would be something they would save for marriage. Their home towns were five hours apart, meaning one person would have to spend Christmas Day without their family. Instead, they piled into their separate vehicles to head to their own home towns for Christmas. She was farther from campus than he was, so she decided to stay longer and return for New Year’s. He was reluctant, due to the fact that he would be alone upon his return, accompanied solely by their two cats. Her family was very important to her. The time she would spend with them was something she wouldn’t get much time to do once she got a full time job in the spring.

“I am not myself without you.” He had sent her in a text a few days after her departure. He had spent majority of his time sitting by himself, getting a bit stir crazy. She and all of his friends were away, leaving him with next to nothing to do. Most of her time was spent with her mother, along with her two best friends from back home.

Then the day finally came where they would reunite. It was difficult for her to sleep from all the excitement. This seemed to be a trend with her when it came to seeing him again. They both agreed that they needed each other, even though there had been some separation bickering.  It tended to happen when they were apart. They moved past it and were able to get back on the track of happiness. Who knew they would be a couple that fought more when they were apart rather than the many hours a day they spent together? It was similar to when a child gets a toy taken away. It gets upset until the toy is returned. Though not the best sounding metaphor, they made it work.

Three and a half hours on the road later, she pulled into his apartment parking lot. She didn’t bother taking in any of her stuff, including her coat, before running to the door. She went to unlock it but he met her there, whipping it open and pulling her against his chest and onto his lips in a passionate kiss. The urgency of the moment felt like it could last a lifetime, both never wanting it to end. They made a wonderful Chicken Tikka Masala dinner, and spent the rest of the night making up for lost time.

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