Remembering Their First Puppy

On her birthday two years before, they had gone to the pet store to play with puppies after a lovely meal at Red Lobster. This was a common activity for them, since they both adored animals and loved crab legs. She was ogling at the Sheltie puppy in its cage, hoping to one day get one, since his childhood dog Katie had been a Sheltie. Katie had passed away recently, though he was more upset about it than he led on. She had met Katie a few times, and she even felt sad about it.

Just as she was about to ask to play with the adorable ball of fluff, a woman expressed to them that her brother was selling Sheltie puppies. Just like that, they found themselves calling the man. He told them to meet him on a street corner on a gravel road. From there, they would follow behind him to his barn. It was dark and getting late, as they found themselves at some random guy’s barn. “Seriously, we are going to get murdered.” She’d said as they followed the man’s truck down the dark gravel road. They got out of her car. Their footsteps crackled on the gravel driveway.

The barn was big, with tall ceilings. The main thing she noticed was a large blood stain on the concrete ground inside. She grabbed his arm, directing his gaze to the spot. “Hunting, maybe?” They agreed to each other, as they followed behind the burly man. As they were taken deeper into the estate, three small girls came out from inside the house. They quickly scurried out into the night, snatching up all of the puppies and putting them in a small room. It was a very small room that was cold and lined with cabin-like walls. Though they had been creeped out, they were in a room full of adorable puppies.

01d124d9669b0a261c8b976ca2786d33cb6c17cc42He and she picked up many, until finding one that cuddled into their necks whenever they would pick her up. “I want this one.” She exclaimed. It took them a bit of conversing before she finally handed over the cash, snuggling the first puppy that had ever been hers, well, theirs. They both were in a frenzy of excitement, as they headed back to the pet store to get some puppy food and a collar. When they brought her home, the pup was introduced to Kitty and Mylo, a cat they used to have then. They all eventually began to get along, Kitty especially.

The three lived with them in harmony for a while, until their landlord got suspicious of the dog. Dogs were not permitted where they lived. They knew they would have to get rid of her, but it was hard since they had fallen in love with the fun loving puppy. He had told his mom and step-dad of their woes, expressing how sad they were to have to let her go. His parents agreed to take her for a while, thinking they would have more time to find her a good home. That was until they fell in love with her as well. The puppy’s name changed from Sienna to Dingo, and is now living happily at his parent’s house with a large backyard to run free across and a new friend named, Sammie.

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