Wine Tasting

They woke up, getting ready to run errands. They stopped in at the cookie place where she worked to get him a peanut butter cookie. She brought him many over the past few weeks, since they were his favorite. They walked in together, noticing a camera man from the local news station doing a story on the store. Her bosses welcomed them both in. The couple asked him questions of his past as she looked on, happy. She loved her job at the cookie place.

When they left, he and she were in a good mood. Her bosses had that effect. She was proud to show him where she went twice week, often returning with delicious cookies. Their next stop was an arts and crafts fair with a free wine tasting. Their mutual love of wine drove them there right on time. Another motive besides their love of art and free wine, was to meet a budding young artist who used to work at the cookie place. They searched for her booth, stopping at many others until they found the wine tastings. A man at a table checked their I.D.s and wrapped a bright yellow bracelet around their wrists. People from four different local wineries stood at their designated desks, making sure to advertise their winery and sell wine. He and she made it though three but the final table had a very long line. They decided to skip it and find the woman from the cookie place’s art. It took them 15 minutes and the guidance of a map to get them where they needed to be.

Once she identified who she was and where she worked, the woman began to engage in conversation of the cookie place. He and the woman’s boyfriend stood behind the two girls, speaking of art and relationships. They all found that he and she were like the other couple. He was working on art while she was more a lover of advertising, she even created him a website for his art. Oddly enough the other couple was the switch version, where he did her advertising and she did the art. The woman gave them two of what she called, “Dust Bunnies” to hold chopsticks in. She thought they were adorable and suddenly felt very happy she went to the event; that or the wine got to her head.

When they left, they craved to work on an art project. They stopped at his studio on campus to get some materials, spending the rest of the night doing their own separate projects.

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