Returning Home

They began another morning with his ringing alarm, only this time it was 4 am. They were glad that they had decided to go to bed early and pack their stuff the night before. It was easy to be able to get up and sneak out, as to not wake the man sleeping on the tiny bed in the living room. They didn’t even brush their teeth or use the bathroom before leaving. She again used her Uber App and a man showed up within a couple minutes to take them to Laguardia Airport.

When they got there, they waited in line to see if they could switch flights and get on the same one. His flight was at 7:40 am but hers wouldn’t have been until 9:45 am. Each of them would have had to wait an excessive amount of time in the airport without each other. They had really formed an even stronger bond over their vacation, and hated the thought of being apart. At the counter, the woman discussed that it would be a $75 re-booking fee but they decided it would be worth it to arrive on time and get back home. Their cats had been there with the pet feeder and plenty of water but they still worried each day. The sooner arrival helped her nerves.

01df96b2b9c4630e0eb7e9702cbbcbf67bf69b22acThe woman was about to hand them two tickets that were on opposite sides of the plane, which they had expected. The woman stopped just as she was about to hand him his ticket. “Wait, let me see what I can do for your seating.” He and she shared a quick glance of excitement, as the woman clacked away on her keyboard. “Okay, there we go. I was able to get two seats in 26 A and B.” They just about jumped for joy, feeling the money spent was well worth it.

They headed to the security line not waiting nearly as long as she had the other day. “This is going to be so awesome! I am going to sleep on your shoulder.” She said smiling.

“Sounds good to me. I am so tired.” He replied, yawing.

They grabbed some overpriced airport breakfast that consisted of a water, a bagel with cream cheese that they split, and a blueberry muffin they also split. Sitting at their gate, enjoying their weak meal, a woman was flailing her arms at the airline secretary. The woman became hysterical, crying and yelling about how terrible the airline was because she needed to get on the flight before theirs. “Do you have no empathy for people trying to get to a loved one in the hospital!” The woman broke down mid-sentence, crying out the rest as security stepped in. They escorted the woman on, then off, then back on the plane. He and she hoped they kept her on board, not wanted her to be put on their flight directly after.

While listening to all the commotion, she happened to drop her half of the bagel, cream cheese side down. Since no one, not even he, had seen. She did the five second rule, wiping off the top layer onto a napkin. She was to hungry to care.

Once the woman’s flight left, the gate was quiet until someone set off the fire alarm. Everyone just stayed where they were, looking around and wondering what to do. When the piercing sound finally ceased, a woman came over the intercom, expressing that they were looking into who and why the alarm had gone off. They found humor in how odd their experience had been.

They got on the plane easily, though the man in the aisle seat next to him emitted an odor that was highly unpleasant. Sleep was hard to come by for her, while he sit fast asleep in the seat beside her. She had never traveled with anyone besides her family, making the entire trip a first for her. He was worth the wait.

Their plane landed early as they got their bags down from the carry on bins. She called the parking service for a bus to take them to her car. They easily found the shuttle. When they got to the parking place, there was an error in her reservation. They had put 4:30 pm instead of am for her drop off time, and although she had called ahead to clear it up, they found issue with it when they hadn’t days before. He paid for what the reservation had said. The men came running out to them, demanding he come back and pay $1 extra after he already paid. He was very upset, refusing at first to let them swipe his card again for their misjudgment, while she promised to write a terrible review for the awful customer service.

They didn’t let the experience ruin their day, as they drove back home three and a half hours. They were glad to see that Kitty and Peyton were just fine, sleeping on their bed that hung next to the door. The apartment was just as clean as when they left it. They watched some Netflix and slept the rest of the weekend, never leaving each other’s side until Monday, when life began again.

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