Her Birthday Dinner

They were able to find the subway that brought them back to where they had eaten lunch. There was an Indian restaurant on Murray Street called Benares. When they got there, they were relieved to be out of the cold, though it had been nice to admire the city at night. A man in a suit ran up to them as they entered. She was unsure why he approached them that way, hoping that it wasn’t a matter of  their casual attire.

“Hi, just to disclose, our heat broke today. If that’s okay with you, I can seat you now.” They exchanged glances, shrugging.

“Sure.” They answered in tandem, following a waiter that wore a large black jacket. Neither of them thought it felt cold at first. Once their bodies were able to adjust to the temperature, they decided to put their coats back on. They were excited to find out that it was still happy hour, granting them half priced drinks. A bottle of red wine was their drink of choice as they snacked on the, unrecognized to them, appetizers. They looked like honeycomb cereal, having similar texture. There were a few sauces to dip them in as well. She felt a bit adventurous trying each one with pride. He just laughed and went with it. They discussed the modern atmosphere, admiring the dim lighting.

Their eyes had been bigger than their appetites as they ordered two large dishes and some rice. The initial plan was to share, until she decided she wasn’t a huge fan of the curry chicken. He ate most of it, letting her have majority of the chicken tikka masala. Instead of heading out after the main course, they decided to stay for desert and another glass of wine. They shared the rose petal ice cream and chocolate mound, feeding each other small bites, then deciding it was a lot easier to feed themselves. They felt a slight buzz when they left the restaurant, heading out into the night to get back to Greenwich Village. 

It was a long subway ride all the way back. No one was at the apartment when they returned, as he quickly showered. Their exhaustion led them to bed at 8:30 pm. “Happy Birthday.” He repeated one last time before ending the night in much awaited passion. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, knowing the next day would be another early morning.

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