A Long Walk in New York

When they left the SouthWestNY restaurant, they found themselves a bit lost when it came down to finding the subway that would take them to Chinatown. He was set on going back there because he wanted to buy her some cute sweaters he’d seen days prior for only $3. They would be his birthday gift to her. She was happy with this since she really needed some cute over-sized knit sweaters for the coming winter season. They searched for a way to get there, heading in the general direction figuring they would eventually run into it if they didn’t find the subway.

From all the beverages, she had to pee again even though they had both gone before leaving the restaurant. He was kind enough to find a place for her, which ended up being a three story Burger King. They were forced to the middle floor where the bathroom was located. He was about to learn what every girl must go through in the bathroom; Waiting in line. This line was four people deep. One stall was Women and the other was a universal bathroom. They stood there for five minutes, the person in the first stall was still in there, even though he and she never saw her go in. She was extremely frustrated when a women cut in front of them to be next to her friend, along with the fact that they were taking forever in the two bathrooms.

When she finally got into one, she went within a minute which is how it should be, especially with a line that now led up the stairs to the next floor. “That’s how you do it.” She said to him when she walked out though everyone else was sure to have heard. He later told her how it seemed like she was proud of taking a huge dump, which made her embarrassed but then again she’d never see those people again.

He had to wait an extended amount of time, since he was only allowed in the universal bathroom, which had been occupied by the woman who let her friend cut in line. She must have been in there at least five to ten minutes, coming out like nothing happened, though her makeup looked like that was what took so long. When they finally left, they both sighed with relief, happy to be done with that experience.

They walked on and on, not seeing the correct subway that would take them to where they needed to be. The cold had begun to stiffen their legs as they made their way to Chinatown by foot. By the time they had walked the 2.5 miles there, their feet felt as though they were walking on stubs. The sun had begun to set as they searched for hours, never finding the sweaters they were looking for. She complained again about finding a bathroom. They found themselves in Little Italy, choosing Red Mango as their bathroom of choice. They felt bad coming in and not buying anything, so she got them a small berry smoothie. “I regret getting this.” She laughed as they walked back out into the bitter cold, the drink felt like it had instantly frozen itself to her bare palms.

“It probably wasn’t the best choice.” He said grabbing it from her hands to take a swig. They walked up a steep flight of steps into a tiny shop, finding $4 gloves. She purchased a red pair that matched her scarf while he got black and grey ones to match his hat. They felt successful as they decided to wander all the way back to where dinner was going to be.

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