Lunch at SouthWestNY

Their random stop led them near the Statue of Liberty. She was ecstatic to be able to catch a glimpse, though she wished she could one day actually visit. The cold was getting to them as they searched desperately for a place to eat. Her stomach was beginning to hurt from waiting so long. He tried leading her. There were plenty of great looking restaurants but majority were closed from the fact that it was Thanksgiving.

They had almost given up hope, seeing nothing else in site beside some beautiful condominiums. She whipped out her IPhone, using her Around-Me app. Her phone crapped out on her, the 3 GS wasn’t too reliable anymore. “I would so live in one of those condos.” She stated. He laughed at her, knowing that they could never afford to live in them. Right at the end of the street they saw it, a quaint restaurant that seemed to be open for business.

01e3539e5c2822ab09a3a9bd9dc926e709d351c288When they walked in, the warmth captured them, defrosting their chilled limbs. The restaurant was barren as they were led to the other side of the restaurant where another couple sat engrossed in conversation. She was so happy to be out with him as they discussed what sounded good on the menu. They each ordered a beer, exchanging smiles across the table. “I am really craving a burger.” She said as he nodded in agreement. They both decided to order one, choosing their own condiments. It was an option to have a Thanksgiving feast on the menu but they decided against it.

They spoke of where they wanted to live in the future as they looked up condos near the restaurant on her phone. Once their beers emptied, he decided to take a bathroom break. He was directed to the opposite side of the restaurant. Grabbing open the door he thought led to bathroom, he realized that it was merely a closet. He laughed at his mistake, walking a few feet to the left to find the real bathroom door.

“You know what we should drink?” She asked once he returned to the table. His eyebrows raised in question. “A hot taddy! Well, that’s what my mom calls it but it’s hot chocolate and Baileys.” She knew a real hot taddy contained other ingredients and was essentially an entirely different drink but it was sure fun to say.


“That actually sounds really good right now.” He agreed, asking the waiter for two once their burgers came. She ate hers ferociously moving to the second half and beyond in a matter of minutes.

“In some cultures, you are supposed to take a bite then stop then take a bite then stop and so on so that you can talk and enjoy the whole experience.” He laughed as she stopped to stare at him with her mouth full of burger. She finished chewing and placed the second half of her hamburger on her plate. “You don’t have to, I was just saying.” He stated, laughing again.

They discussed where they would go for dinner that night, finding a place just down the street from where they sat now. It was an Indian Restaurant and they thought they could get some authentic chicken tikka masala.

They were brought their hot chocolate and Baileys with whipped cream on top. He was able to gulp it down rather quickly while she still had almost a full drink. She was always a slow drinker no matter what it was. She figured they had plenty of time before dinner and relaxing at this great restaurant was fun and romantic. They weren’t able to do things like this often since the college budget doesn’t leave much room for it.

He offered to pay for lunch, saying it was for her birthday. She couldn’t help thinking how sweet he was. “Happy Birthday Baby. I love you.” He’d said as they left to find the subway to Chinatown once more.

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