Gay Bar

After contemplating their next move at the apartment, he, she, and his friend decided to walk down the street to a tavern. It was dimly lit and slightly crowded with people who seemed much wealthier than they were. She wasn’t too excited with the atmosphere, knowing the night before he and his friend went to a bar and had a drunken blast until 3 am, something he and she still had never done. They had gone out plenty of times but they usually ended much earlier.

They sat in the tavern, debating its definition. They concluded it was a restaurant with the bar as a main focus. The people seemed to know that they weren’t locals, but it didn’t stop them from buying the first round of beer. She was a relatively cheap date since her tolerance for alcohol was very low which was mainly determined by her size. They noticed a small cup of thick crayons on the table along with paper table cloth which initiated arts and crafts time.

Gay Bar

Conversation became louder and more open as they ordered another round of beers. After an hour and a half, the table was covered in pictures of trees, buildings, birthday wishes, scribbles, and cartoons. No food was ordered since they were full from lunch but more so from the beer. He noticed the look on her face, one that undoubtedly showed disappointment. “What’s wrong babe?” He inquired, though she was reluctant to say anything.

“I kind of wanted to go out to a place that wasn’t this laid back. You got to go party last night but I didn’t.” He seemed a bit upset by her comment but saw the sincerity in her words.

“Okay, well where do you want to go?”

“A real bar.” She replied. His friend returned from the washroom, missing their entire conversation. His friend agreed with her plan, as they paid their tabs and headed down the street.

It was no secret that his friend was gay, which is how they ended up at Monster, a gay bar in West Village. The place was full of average looking and a few flamboyant men. She was definitely out of place while he was getting gazes from the bar. The sight of it made her giggle a little. His friend headed to the bar to get the three of them drinks, especially since it was buy one get one free. A man at the bar called her over, though she wasn’t alarmed since she really wasn’t his type. “You having a good time girlfriend?” He said smiling, more than likely drunk already.

“Yes,” She replied awkwardly.

“You gotta say it like this, ‘yes!'” He explained with enthusiasm, swinging his hand back and snapping. She repeated, laughing at herself for going along with it. As she saw his friend approaching her, she quickly maneuvered over to him.

He and his friend had told her about a shot called Apple Sauce which was something she really wanted to try. He handed each of them their drink and the shot. The small green drinks were simultaneously lifted into the air for a toast before they knocked them back. “Wow, that really did taste just like Apple Sauce!” She exclaimed, feeling the warmth from her buzz. They wandered to back near the piano. A man sat behind it, beginning to play as a group of people swarmed around it to sing along. The melodious music they created sounded like they were on Broadway at a musical performance. His friend expressed how cute he thought the pianist was, as they listened.

Their drinks were guzzled down quickly, moving on to the next. The bartender in a cutoff tank approached their table. “We are going to need this space for the event at 10.” He stood there, waiting patiently as they gathered their coats and what was left of their drinks. There was a table on the other side of the back corner that they decided to occupy as they laid their stuff on the black and red vinyl bench.

When they sat down, she realized she had to pee. He had warned that it was gender neutral and different than what she was used to. For safe measure, he decided to go with her. The bathroom door was propped open. All it consisted of was a urinal next to a sink with a toilet in the far back corner. The only thing shielding the toilet was a faded red, fold-able room divider, a flimsy on at that. As she sat down, she held up the divider, attempting to shield herself from anyone who could be right on the other side. Luckily, he was occupying the urinal, so in the 5 seconds that she raced to pee and get out of there, no one had come in.

As they emerged together, she quickly grabbed her beer, a bit shaken from that experience. She and his friend found common ground, getting along and having fun just as he had hoped. “We should go downstairs.” His friend suggested. They got up, leaving their emptied drinks behind. He and she linked hands as he lead her through the crowd and to the stairwell. A man wearing only boxer briefs stopped them, saying that the only way to get downstairs was to strip down to their underwear.

“I’m not wearing any.” He stated smirking.

“We have some behind the bar.” The man suggested but he just shook his head laughing.

“And I’m wearing a thong. I don’t think anyone here but you wants to see that.” She said softly into his ear. To the left of them, his friend had already retrieved one leg from his jeans, the other following right after until his pants were a crumpled ball in his hands.

“There!” His friend proclaimed, looking up to realize he and she were still fully clothed. “Well, okay. I’m done with that.” His friend said awkwardly as he slid his pants back on. He and she burst into laughter at what his friend had done. They decided that since everyone at the bar had witnessed what just happened, that it was time to head back to the apartment for some pork and duck that was waiting in the fridge. He and she walked back arm in arm somewhat sloppily from inebriation. The stairs were a feat but it was worth the delicious reward of Chinatown pork and duck. They all stood in the tiny kitchen feasting and reliving the night.


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