The Met

When in New York, there are several ways of transit, one of them being the subway. Coffee in hand he, she, and his friend began walking to a subway station that would take them to the Met. She was clamoring on, referencing Gossip Girl as they began their journey. He and his friend had already purchased an unlimited seven day metro pass. She bought one and loaded it with $10, thinking it would last her the two days they would be using them.

As they scanned past the gate into the subway, her card was deducted $2.50. She hoped this was a one time charge, thinking there was no way that it could be that expensive for one ride. They went through a few stops to get to where they needed to be. She was thrilled by the ride, another first for her was taking the subway.

The rest of the walk was very rainy as they splashed all the way to the Met. Knowing they would be spending money, she readied her wallet with a small amount of cash her grandmother had given her for her birthday. The museum was swarming with people as they made their way to the ticket desk. The woman began to hastily take her money as he ran up to try and stop her. “We get free tickets. I didn’t realize.” The woman back at the school of art had a complimentary pass, allowing as many guests as she pleased. The woman at the ticket desk had been in a relatively bad mood through the transaction, explaining they would have to go to customer service to get her cash back though it made no sense to them.

They proceeded through to the museum not wasting anymore time arguing. She figured she would just keep her ticket. They stuck the stickers from the tickets on their shirts. He jokingly tried helping her put it on as he tapped the top of her breast. They both laughed as his friend playful rolled his eyes at their display. He kissed her sweetly, reminding her of how happy he was that she was there as he wrapped his arm around her. He led her and his friend towards the European exhibit. They knew it was impossible to see all of the Met before it was time for lunch.

His friend was disconnected from them a few times but he and she remained attached at the hip. They had fun pointing out all of the pieces that had been discussed in their art history classes. It had been easy to remember all the rooms they had been in, from all the random stories he or she would make up about a particular painting on display. It had been days since they were intimate. They joked about jumping into one of the 17th Century trunks in the exhibit and fooling around. “That would be and interestingly unique story to tell.” He said as she nodded in agreement.

“We wouldn’t be allowed back though since security would totally kick us out.”

“That would make the story even better!” She rolled her eyes at him. He grabbed her close into the crook of his arm and kissed her against the top of the head, smiling. As they searched for his friend, they admired the art and each other.

Once they were all reunited, she complained about hunger and the need for a bathroom break. They headed down to the main floor, in search of the lavatory. The bathroom was located in the Egyptian exhibit. They searched for it a while as she commented, “Where is the little ladies tomb?” Her laughter came immediately upon saying the joke, finding it funnier than anyone else.

They all decided it was time to eat as they walked down the steps of the Met to figure out what was for lunch.


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