Meeting in Greenwich Village

She woke that morning at 3:15am, sleeping horribly due to her excitement. The beginning of her journey began as she parked her car at a lot, leaving it there while she was in New York with him. He had spent the night at a bar in Greenwich Village, getting little sleep as well. It had been three days since they had seen each other. Though they had had fun those three days, they still missed each other terribly.

Once the shuttle from the parking lot brought her to her terminal, she remembered the steps she had to take to check in. She had done so many times in the past with her family. This would be both of their first times flying alone. She was sad that their flights home, though through the same airline and on the same day, were at different times.

She waited in the line for security. It stretched far past the one created with ropes. Nearby, a reporter collected himself to speak live on camera at 5am. His story described how the 27th of November was one of the busiest days of the year for travelling next to Christmas eve. She had gotten a slight cameo as the cameraman, who was filming backwards past the security line, captured the forward walking reporter.

It was more than forty minutes to get through security as she found her gate, giving him a call with no answer. She knew he had gotten drunk the night before. Her tired state made this tiny thing become frustrating. She spent more money than she had wanted on some Pepto and a water at the airport. Her stomach wretched from all the excitement, making the $11 purchase worth it.

He was still asleep when she landed, another thing that sleepiness made irritating. He finally answered around 9:30am New York time. All she really wanted was to just get to him as fast as possible. His friend was there as well, the one they had shared a beer with a while back, the one that he had wanted her to make friends with. She was able to use the Uber app on her phone which was a nice car service app hooked up to her PayPal account. The thought of carrying cash anywhere, let alone New York, scared her. He had been there before in high school with his choir group. Besides a horrid, accidental night layover at JFK six years prior, she had never been to New York until this point.

The drive to Greenwich from LaGuardia was long, due to traffic. The app had worked perfectly. She was so excited to be able to see him again, especially in New York City. As she removed herself from the black car, she nearly skipped up the steps to the apartment. He was just inside. He came down to get her, kissing her on the sidewalk near the street that was tightly packed with parked cars. “I am so happy you are here!” He exclaimed, she hugged him close never wanting to leave his side again, even on the flight home.

The many flights of stairs took her breath away. “Yeah, the stairs really suck but oh well.” He explained, opening the door for her even though he was the one carrying in her bag. All irritancies had long dissipated since she had seen his face and felt his kiss.

The place was intriguing, filled with antiques that gave the place a rustic and old spirited feel. The two tenants were very kind to let he and she stay since they didn’t know either of them. Their mutual friend was a woman back at the school of art who recommended the trip to him and his friend. She was famous in the world of art, her work displayed at museums, one of them being in New York.

Dropping off her bags he, she, and his friend got coffee at a local spot down the street. Their coats had all been slightly soaked from the rain. She had dressed warmly, prepared for the weather before her arrival. She was sad to ditch her UGGS for winter snow boots but they were warm And waterproof. The coffee shop was cute and quaint. From its hole-in-the wall size, heat tended to build up. They began to sweat while deciding on what to have. They were all mutually exhausted from their lack of sleep. “I’ll get it for you sweetie.” He offered. She smiled and kissed him as they chose two specialty espresso drinks, a lemon bar, and a bagel, all of which were delicious.

It was hard to keep their hands off each other, even in public. They had been waiting for days to see one another. They were both happier than they could imagine as they stepped out of the hot coffee house lip locked and ready to begin their first day in New York together.


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