Driving to the Airport

The time had finally come for Thanksgiving break and their trip to New York. Saturday was initially going to be the day she would drive him to the bus station for his ride to the airport. With that plan, he would have had to sleep at the airport Saturday night for his flight in the morning. Instead, they decided he would skip the bus and they would drive there together. She would drop him off at the airport and then go to her hometown not too far away.

The apartment had been clean since she finished organizing the night before. She had worked that morning, singing and baking for a 5 year old’s birthday at the cookie place. He awaited her return as he packed for New York.

He expressed the idea of them driving together the next morning at 1:30am. She gladly agreed, excited to get an extra day with her family.

It was difficult to rise a mere 6 hours after they had gone to bed, only to wake up and drive three and a half hours. She was going to meet him in New York three days after he got there. They walked around the apartment, checking thoroughly to see if it all would be safe for the cats to stay for a few days while they were gone.

He made them each a hot chocolate espresso drink, hoping it would assist in keeping them awake along the ride there. The car was packed and ready to go as they drove off into the blackness of the early morning. They spoke of how people out drinking the night before when they had gone to sleep, were probably still at the bars drinking and hanging out when they awoke.

She had sang loudly in the car assuring his eyes didn’t dip into sleep. The lack of food they’d eaten for breakfast made the caffeine really go to her head as her heart vibrated rapidly.

He was extremely excited for the trip but missed her before they had even had their last hug at his terminal. As he walked away to his flight, all she could think was how she couldn’t wait until they’d meet again in New York.


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