Painting A New Attitude

They had suffered a minor rough patch, mildly sprinkled with bickering and insecurities. The insecurities spouted mainly from her end; which she wasn’t proud of. He was getting irritated by the consistency of it in the past couple weeks, but she felt she wasn’t in control of her own emotions anymore. If there was one thing she knew, it was that she loved him and never wanted to lose him again like she had the year prior.

She decided that this day she was going to act like she should; a trusting and loving girlfriend. Maybe the more she set up each day this way, the more she could become the person she had always wanted to be in a relationship; The happy, loving, and trusting girlfriend.

After she had work, she raced to him to bring him a peanut butter cookie (his favorite). Seeing her come in he grabbed her into the crook of his arm, kissing her passionately in the hallway. She never wanted it to stop but sadly, he had to get ready for the day. They spoke about the sad looking patch of fur missing from Peyton’s side, she was a kitten they had gotten for Kitty to play with. The night before, she had accidentally gotten a glob of puke yellow paint on her side. They both didn’t notice until the following day when it was already dry. She thought, at first, that Kitty had thrown up on her but a closer examination lead her to a bigger issue. Searching online to find a way to get it off, she realized the only way to really get it off was to cut it. He joked with her, saying what a hack job she had done.

When he went to class, she decided to help clean and organize his place, since it still hadn’t been completely finished. His arrival was a happy one, excited to see her take initiative. It had taken her an especially long time to remove the ink stain one of her pens had left on the carpet but it looked almost as good as gone. Grabbing his painting, the one that Peyton had smudged with her fur, he continued the worked he’d begun days before. She was happy he was so passionate about it. He had made many canvases but she was too terrified to paint on one, fearing she would only ruin it.

They went to class which was never more than drab. They then went to grab his bus ticket for Saturday (to Chicago for his flight to New York on Sunday), dropping off the pet feeder for return at FedEx before they hit the gym. She not once accused him at looking at anyone nor did she herself even think it. From all the good energy expelled, they actually had a great, fun workout. 

They showered quickly before their next class, watching Revenge on Netflix again once they realized they were ready early. The class was only a five minute meeting for each of them about their papers. She started making chicken strips for dinner while he got ready to leave for work. Cooking took her about an hour but she took pride in the meal, bringing it to him at work. 

The day before she had been worried about an exchange she had witnessed between him and one of his female classmates. It made her panic for an indescribable reason. Her fear was very much prevalent after that, upsetting him greatly. She had no merit to accuse him of anything. After all, he had always been honest with her; especially since they got back together last January.

This day was going to be different, and it was. They ate dinner in peace, watching more Revenge and talking. Seeing him talk to others girls didn’t bother her since all she could think of was the great day they were having. That was something she didn’t plan to ruin. 

His shift finally came to a close as she prepared herself early to get gas and wine before he got home. They both were engrossed in a conversation with another girl from one of his classes. The girl missed her bus talking to them, saying she was going to ride her bike home instead. The weather outside was dark and sleeting, she was thinking about asking the girl if she wanted a ride but she was sure the girl wouldn’t want to run her errands with her at 10:30 pm. He expressed she should go so they would be home the same time after he closed up. 

At Wal-Mart, he called to ask if she would be okay with him driving the girl home. She didn’t even hesitate before saying, “Go ahead. I’ll see you at home.” He was a nice guy, which is one of the things she loved about him. She went home to set up a late night snack and pop open a bottle of wine as well. When he got home, assuming she may expend more insecurities upon him, he was surprised to see what she had done. “You’re sweet.” He’d said, smiling.

They sat on the couch, both deciding to paint as they watched Revenge. The day had begun and concluded happily, all due to a change in attitude, one she planned to continue.


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