Average Weekend

Normally, he & she find something fun to do for the weekend. This weekend was different, more ordinary. Their Friday night aligned with their usual routine, pasta, wine, and Netflix. They were currently hooked on Revenge re-runs. She knew she had to get up and work at the cookie shop the next morning so they turned in early.

Before work, She received a package at her apartment. It was the automatic feeder she had ordered the week prior to be able to feed their two cats when they went to New York over Thanksgiving break. Her birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year. He planned to take her to the Macy’s Day Parade followed by a nice dinner on the Upper East Side. 

He went to his studio, cutting up canvas for the frames he had made. When she arrived home, feeder in hand, he was splayed across the living room floor stapling the canvas to the wood frames. While he finished up, she began to set up the feeder to see if it worked, realizing they needed batteries or a AC adapter. 

To get these items they went to Wal-Mart, finding only batteries and beer. She also made a purchase of some yarn since she needed more to complete a scarf she had started. A scarf was about all she could make at this point.

At a local thrift shop, they saw another cat feeder, cheaper than the one she had bought on Ebay, better quality too. She kicked herself, wondering why she hadn’t thought to check there first. They went home after this, deciding to watch more Revenge as she knit. They drank beer together but for some reason they just hadn’t felt connected all weekend. She was unhappy, sad even, expressing to him her woes.

He was upset by the way she had been acting, claiming that drinking with her wasn’t fun. Thankfully, their frustration all came out as they dueled over a game of Scrabble. The night went on, their anger and disconnect settled as they cuddled on the couch. They stayed up late until the AM, which was uncharacteristic of them. It felt worth it as they snuggled closer while watching The Host.

Sunday was almost identical, minus the fighting. They began to make shelves and organize the apartment so the cats didn’t destroy everything upon their absence. He made them delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner as they drank wine and watched more Revenge, giving up on organizing for the day. Prepping for New York had been somewhat expensive, they had to put child locks on all the cabinets and since the feeder never worked, they had to go buy the one from the thrift shop as well. She hoped to get a full refund for the other. 

Sometimes even in the best relationships there are small instances of petty fights and worry. There are even weekends of dull activities with good company (each other). They still felt like they had everything since they had each other.


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