Halloween Party!

When Saturday came, she arose early to make frosting and to decorate the carrot cake cupcakes they had baked the night before with tiny orange pumpkins. He joined her in the kitchen, surprised that she had been able to make the special cream cheese frosting on her own. It took them a few hours to ready themselves for departure. They were going to a Halloween Party at her uncle’s house!

On the way there, they sang and talked, stopping twice for bathroom breaks. He decided to shine his dress shoes in the gas station parking lot while she stuck her head out the window gasping for air from the pungent smell. After a three hour journey, they finally pulled into her dad’s driveway.

It had been almost ten months since she had seen her dad. A fight had stopped all communication last March up until early September. She was there to start over fresh with him, knowing they could bond over booze and karaoke.

She was very happy that he had decided to come with and support her upon reunited with her estranged family. Her father greeted them with open arms, cooking and talking to them both for a while.

He and she raced to the upstairs bathroom, beginning the process of putting on their costumes. They decided that they would dress nicely; him in dress pants, a bow tie, and a nice black cardigan, and her in a homecoming dress she’d bought sophomore year of high school. On top of their nice attire, they put on venetian masks and titled their costumes, “Masquerade Ball People.” It seemed fitting.

Her dad and stepmom decided to be Guns N Roses band members. Her dad being Slash while her stepmom was Axel Rose. Her half brother decided to be a werewolf, which at the age of nine is quite exciting. They all rode to the party together in one car. He and she were a slight bit nervous for differing reasons.

Nothing had begun when they arrived since they were about an hour early. The set up was complete with webs and plastic spiders strewn across the basement. He and she admired it, planning out in their minds what they could possibly do in a future home together.

Little by little, members of her family trickled in. Her uncles, cousins, and family friends. Her other brother showed up  dressed as a mobster with his girlfriend who was a 20s flapper girl. They headed down to the basement to begin their festive drinking.

He was quiet though she made a point to introduce him to all of her relatives even if she was unsure of who some of the people were herself. On any given day, they would usually have several sparring matches where one would get angry or defensive by what the other had said. This day, however, didn’t contain the petty fights or jealousy. They worked together through the party drinking beers and trying to beat each other to ten on the mini basketball game that was set up in the basement.

It came time for karaoke. Her dad pressured her to sing many of the same that she had always done at these parties. When finishing her duet with her father she walked back over to him. He looked at her sweetly. “That was some of the best singing I have ever heard you do.” This made her smile. He was happy he could help her feel supported when she needed him. He later accompanied her and her father in karaoke. She was so proud to have him as her own as was he to have her.

They both felt more connected than ever, not wanting the night to end. It was 1am when her father called them a cab. Since it was the weekend before Halloween, everyone was booked. He and she thought to themselves that there was never a shortage of Taxis in their college town. They waited for over an hour as she fell asleep gently on his shoulder. Her uncle finally decided he had sobered up enough to take them back to her dad’s house.

He and she stepped out of their costumes and into their pajamas, cuddling close, and spiraling into sleep as another day of driving lay ahead.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! Love He & She Anonymous


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