Art Installation

In one of his classes, he had been required to set up an installation. He had recruited her to help him out though she would have helped regardless of whether or not he asked. They had spent most of the weekend looking for some form of colored elastic cord but no matter how hard they searched they turned up with nothing. He felt slightly panicked since the project was due in a few days.

Come Monday, two days before he was to be critiqued by his class, he went to a craft store that had been closed the day before. It was his last hope before having a minor coronary. They had something similar to what he was looking for. The rope could have been thicker but he was happy to at least have something as material.

Tuesday was the day…The day they knew they would be up for hours past when they would like. Their class had gone until 7:45pm which was 15 minutes in their favor. Just thinking of the hours ahead made them cringe. She knew she was going to have to wake up early in order to be first in line to get tires put on her car but the thought of him setting up until 6am pushed her to stay as long as he needed. “I should have gotten a helper.” A student from his class expressed as he walked by quickly on his way to finish his project due the same day.

They began painting large rectangular frames with small painters brushes. He was distinct about how he wanted her paint around the screws that lined it. The work was tedious as hunger bellowed in their stomachs. Her hands were black with the exterior paint. He decided this was a good time to order Chinese which gave them an extra stamina boost as they continued. They diligently worked for hours until 11:30. Hope struck her as she thought they were nearing the end. “Babe we are going to be here until at least one, at this point.” The joy was demolished, on top of the fact that she couldn’t assist him in the final part of the piece. Knowing this, he decided to take her home, being courteous of her sleep.

She took a bath while watching Netflix, setting the laptop on the toilet and not in the actual tub. It was an attempt to relax though the coffee from 5:30pm still coursed through her veins. Sleep was difficult as her mind wandered, always ending up on how he was doing and if he was almost done.

He hadn’t been. The work he did once she left was even more tedious than before, especially without the company. It was nice to not feel rushed by the clock though. He realized part way through that he had messed up which made the installation take much longer than it would have. So, much longer that he didn’t get back home until 4:45am. Thankfully, the piece was complete.

They both knew the day ahead would be much more difficult than what they had endured the night and early morning before they slept but, at this point, all they could think about was sleep.


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