Haunted House

They had driven an hour and a half to his home town once she was done with work around 12:30. The whole point of going up there was to pick up his truck and drop off his car for his mom to sell. When they got there, his brother offered them free fast pass tickets to a haunted house. She was thrilled even though things such as creepy imagery and people jumping out terrified her. He seemed as though he wasn’t up to it until his mom and stepdad decided they would join them.

His stepdad had never been to a haunted house before that he could remember. With multiple myeloma, his stepdad thought it would be a good time to do it now. So, they all piled into his mother’s car. Distress bubbled in her stomach at the thought of being scared. She kept trying to remind herself that the people there were merely actors, probably high school kids volunteering for fun. He and his parents carried on conversation about when his mother used to take him to the pumpkin patch as a little boy. He hated haunted houses. The thought of paying to get scared didn’t really make sense to him. Luckily, the tickets were free.

When they pulled into the parking lot, she began trembling. She was already planning on grabbing his arm and never letting him go until they made it out safely. They waited in a line to validate their tickets until they were directed to the fast pass line. The woman directing them expressed that had they not gotten the fast lane ticket that they would have been waiting for over an hour. Instead they walked right in. They were handed a rope and were all instructed not to let go. They waited to go through the neon spray painted doorway as the sounds of screaming and chainsaws filled the air around them. She had already cemented herself to his side.

Just then the doors opened.

They got up slowly making sure they all had a grip on the rope connecting them as a group. It was dark. Things that hung from the ceiling brushed her face and gave her chills. She was already ready to leave. He was looking at the place as a giant art piece, admiring the décor of faux intestines and body parts strewn across the ground. Then the first ghoul jumped out right into her ear. She shrieked so loud, her heart pounding out her chest as she kept trying to remind herself that it was fake. The fear didn’t feel that way. A black figure then jumped to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to get you.” She screamed again as the rest of the group laughed, continuing to admire the effects.

There was an aroma that was unpleasant. Her first thought was “Oh my God! Dead body smell!” He pulled them through even further into the maze. Since he was in front, he made sure to quickly look around every corner and found it comical that the scary creatures still ended up getting her to scream. They walked through the place glad they hadn’t spent the thirty bucks they would have on the tickets had they not been free, especially once they returned their rope disappointed that it hadn’t ended climactically like they’d hoped.

It had been a fun free night. They were happy they had gotten this time together. He and she packed up his truck with the contents of his old car and made their way back home.


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