Cram Session

He and she both decided at the beginning of the semester to take an art history class together. Somehow, they ended up in two. She was in communication studies, so these courses were more to fill up hours since she was set to graduate in the spring.

Weeks prior she had made them both a set of flash cards but neither moved them from their place on the coffee table until this moment…The night before the test. He was searching on his laptop for a new truck since his current vehicle wasn’t up to par in the drivability department. He wanted to study for the test but worried his car may not get him there.

She sat on the floor looking meticulously over her cards, almost fully knowledgeable of their contents. He envied this, stopping her to quiz him. “I am so screwed for this test.” He mumbled upon saying the wrong date for one of the art pieces.

“We still have all tomorrow though; and you almost have them all memorized.” She coaxed, not wanting him to become anymore stressed than he already was. They decided to call it a night since they both had early mornings.

The next day, they met up after their morning obligations at 12:30 to study more. She wrote down the context for the cards as he continued to search for the right truck, making calls and sending texts and emails. Thankfully, he found one that was $700. He didn’t care that the paneling was discolored as long as it was reliable enough to bring him from point A to point B.

They flew through their flash cards a few more times until they had to depart for the test. It seemed easier than they anticipated. Afterwards they had a wonderful discussion, comparing answers and ideas.

They both felt intellectual and went home with pride.


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