Beer with a Friend

Saturday proved to be relaxing. He got a call from a friend he’s worked on art with at the college. Art was his major. She was excited to make plans, especially for a beer.They were all broke so one was a much as they wanted to spend their hard earned money on.

They chose a nice burger joint on campus since his friend hadn’t eaten all day. The beers couldn’t come soon enough as they sat chatting on about art and travel. She somewhat felt pushed aside since he and his friend had more to discuss with each other than as a group. She and his friend had a fickle relationship. Neither was sure what one thought of the other. He hoped for them to get along utilizing this outing as another baby step in the direction of mutual friendships. She knew this and made an effort to smile, involving his friend in conversation.

He had finished his beer while his friend devoured his burger. She made a comment on how quickly they both drank their beers when she still had a third filling her glass. He had wanted to order a cheesecake but sadly, the burger joint fell short, claiming they were out. The group collaboratively agreed that once they finished up, they would go to the cupcake bakery down the street to get dessert.

They had paid their tabs as she was pressured to slam the remaining contents of her glass. “Boom! Done!” She exclaimed, slamming her glass down on the bar. “Let’s go!”

The cupcake bakery was fun with swings as bar stools and colorful pillows along the bench near the window. They walked up to the counter to make their orders. His friend went first and she followed as he lagged behind, indecisive. She walked to meet his friend at the table they chose. Just then,  her cupcake had begun to tumble from her plate. She unconsciously reached out and caught it with her other hand before it hit the floor. His friend began laughing just as hard as she was at the sight of this miracle.

He walked up with his carrot cake cupcake he’d finally decided upon, questioning what had just happened. She recounted it back to him. A look of shock and hilarity was painted across his face.

The cupcakes had been a great choice as they left on good terms. They all decided they were exhausted from the contents of the day. His friend went back to work at his studio while he and she went home to conclude another day with a Netflix marathon.


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