Rock Hunting

They awoke, mildly hung over from the two hefty glasses of wine they’d consumed the night before. He had woken several times during the night to hydrate while she had wished she’d done the same. He was ready before she had even gotten out of bed but the faint aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen inspired her to greet the day.

He was already ready with his cup of Joe, his eyes glued to his laptop screen, looking for the perfect place to find good rocks and arrowheads. She washed her face in hopes that her head would quit its gentle throb. Her water bottle was filled as she chugged it until it was gone, filling it up once more to bring with them. “Hurry up babe! We have to go.” He proclaimed as she lagged, quickly throwing on some finishing touches to not look as tired as she felt.

They hit the road, chatting and searching on her smartphone for where to go. He decided to take the highway that lead them to a river. When they pulled into the camp ground parking lot, they were amazed by the sand bar as they unloaded their buckets from his hatchback.  She ran around in the sand after taking off her shoes, feeling its warmth on her bare feet. He claimed that she was like a puppy by her amount of excitement as she skid in the sand around him in circles. He was dead set on finding not only arrowheads as he had done when he was younger, but also some nice sturdy rocks for his freshwater tank at home.

The day was gorgeous and not nearly as hot as it had been in weeks prior. Time seemed to fly as they dug in the sand, finding fossils and rocks worthy of being put in their buckets to bring back with them. Their time was cut short from his incessant urge to pee and no place for him to go in sight. The sand bar was scattered with random families enjoying the weather and the beach-like scenery. It got to the point where he just couldn’t wait any longer. She was reluctant to leave since it was fun to play in the sand, she hadn’t done so in years; but his situation was pressing.

The sand bar was only a short distance away. They knew they would return soon.


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