Simple Friday Night

She had worked all day. The drive was tiresome but the weekend was about to begin. He had made a plan for them to go grab a beer with one of his friends once he finished work at seven. She was excited at the thought but upon getting home the urge stay sunk in.

When seven finally rolled around, they were faced with the pressing question of what to make for dinner. They drove down the street to the grocery store, mildly bickering over the options. A brilliant idea struck them. Popcorn chicken, SpongeBob mac and cheese, and a cheap bottle of wine! They didn’t often eat in this manner, trying to stay healthy had been a priority, but tonight was solely based on spontaneity.

They stepped into the front door and immediately began cooking. She boiled water while he preheated the oven. The wine was full in their glasses, almost spilling over the rims as they blasted new music she’d bought earlier. Dancing around the kitchen, they finished up dinner already a bit giddy from the wine. It was nights like these that made them remember why they were together.

He was excited about the next morning. They had plans to go rock hunting, which tied ultimately with his on going fish tank project. She, too, was excited for the trip but was happy in this moment. His ideas and ambitions were what helped drive hers as well, making her excited about every moment of every day, no matter what they were doing.

Dinner was served in bed as they cuddled up with another bottle of wine and Netflix until they both fell asleep with the promise of tomorrow.


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